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  1. I watched this movie a long time ago. But, basically, a widowed father has two socialite daughters. The older one is much quieter, more serious and strict. A man comes into their lives and is set up with the younger daughter, even though the older daughter obviously likes him (there's a lot of banter). She's ignored because of her age, demeanor, etc. Towards the end the man realises that he's actually in love with the older sister, who eventually becomes less strict etc. I think it was set in Italy. It was in colour.
  2. Thank you so much! You've no idea how long i've been trying to remember or find its name
  3. Hi there, There's this movie i've always tried to remember the name of with no luck. It aired on TCM around five years ago and the general plot is 1. A rich, city woman is sick of her life and is in debt. 2. Her maid wants to get married, and sent her picture (which is actually the picture of her boss) to a farmer in the country. They decided to get married. 3. When she informs her boss they decide to trade places. 4. She ends up going to the country and 'marrying' the guy but finds the country life quite different and they are constantly in disagreement. 5. In the end she dec
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