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  1. I would like a set with a bunch of(or even a couple) Warren Williams films, the ones where he played some real slimeballs, I love those films.
  2. The last one I watched was Fritz Lang's WOMAN IN THE MOON, it pretty good, even though I'm not that into sci-fi stuff, but I do have thing for Fritz Lang movies.
  3. I just found out this a couple days, when I looking around amazon, and the first thing that popped into my mind was "As soon as I get my new credit card in the mail, I'm going to buy it". lol
  4. I LOVE Warner Bros. Pre-codes, to me they're the best ones, and I love my pre-codes. It is amazing how much yummy pre-code stuff that were packed into them, and most them go by so quick.
  5. If I could make a movie,and it would be of the Gangster movie, set in the early 1930s, in a middle sized east coast city and my dream would be to make in color, but not the color of today's film, more towards the looks of something made in 2 strip-Technicolor.
  6. TCM should play the early exploitation films, such as Reefer Madness, Manic, Cocaine fiends and so forth.
  7. In a way Frankenstein (1931) could be considered to be blasphemous, I mean after to all it does deals with playing god, and there were a few lines that were edited out for its re-release during the Hays Code, because it was considered to be blasphemous, and the same also goes for Mask Of Fu Manchu(1932).
  8. Here's my list: Lon Chaney Sr.- my all time favorite (proves that one doesn't need a pretty face to have charisma) Humphrey Bogart George Raft James Cagney Errol Flynn William Powell Bela Lugosi Warren William Boris Karloff Lionel Barrymore Today's Faves: Christian Bale Johnny Depp Message was edited by: Nicki82
  9. A big fat NAY!!! Ok, I never really cared for him, and always thought he was overrated, now I dislike him even more, and I believe he's crazy.
  10. Most of the time I watch movies either sitting on my bed in my room, or sitting on the couch, and I'm either eating some sort of junk food, or working on my crafts( I'm a cross-stitich addict) while watching the movie. I've watched movies lying down, but that really doesn't work for me because 75% of the time end up falling asleep, especially during the morning hours.
  11. I tend to watch 10-20 movies a week, to begin with I watch most them on TCM, I also like to watch alot of movies that come on other movie channels, you have to also factor in the movies from my DVD collection, and then the other movies I watch are those that are playing at movie theaters near by, it depends upon what has come out, I mean some months, I tend to see about 8 different movies, but other months there seems to be a lot of junk out, and I'll see about 2 different movies. Message was edited by: Nicki82
  12. What a awesome movie. Yesterday was the first time I ever saw this film, and I have to say that I liked it alot. I love good gritty crime/prison movie. It gives yet another reason to admire Wallace Beery's acting skills. I love the prison riot scene , especially Wallace Beery with a Tommy gun. And as a fan of Art Deco, I loved how the Art Deco style prison gave off an imprisoned feeling.
  13. William Powell & Myrna Loy With all the movies that they made together,and played couples,to me they had the look and chemistry of a real life couple. I have read somewhere that people actually thought they were a real life couple and sent letters to them asking for marriage advice. lol
  14. Have you ever tried watching these old movies you like to complain about, you might like them, because there are many people on this board and off that enjoy them. Message was edited by: Nicki82
  15. You should look into pre-codes(1929-1934) because a lot them tend to focus on women who are very independent, and they more or less go about their own way, and alot of them deal with women who use men along the way, which would be helpful in your research, To get you started I would suggest BabyFace(1933), and the documentary Complicated Women, and the book entitled Complicated Women by Mick Lasalle.
  16. I would say Yay, he's not of my favorites, but is a very good actor.
  17. Looks like another good lineup from TCM, I'm glad that they are a bunch of movies that I never saw before, or have missed so, I'll catch the this time. It should be interesting having Hedy Lamarr as the star of the month, I haven't seen that much of her work, but I want to. I'm looking forward towards April, as much as I always look foward to whats playing on TCM.
  18. The Bogie version of The Maltese Falcon, is the 2nd remake, There is a 1936 version, entitled Satan Meet A Lady, I haven't seen it yet, but its been described as screwball comedish and There is the original 1931 version of The Maltese Falcon, which if you are into pre-codes,it a gotta see, because its a hoot!
  19. Welcome to the board Anna, since you are classic movie fan you would definitly enjoy it here.
  20. I would go with the remake of Mr. Deeds with Adam Sandler, as being the worst remake, I mean come on I don't think they get any more worst than this.
  21. I watched it tonight when it came on, and the guy was definitely not that interested in her.
  22. I would like to thank everyone for their opinions, but can some one please explain to me how TCM's Guest Programmer Contest was "dumbed down" for younger folks because some of those interviewed were young?? I mean this is an example of what I was talking about. I watched some of those interviews,not all of them, but some, and I found those who I watched , knew what they were talking about. All of you just said its great that younger folks are into classic movies but you turn around and say that our opinion is not needed, well at least that is how it came off as in my opinion, I'm sorry if I m
  23. As long as I've been coming to this forum, there have been posters complaining about how TCM is trying to get younger viewers, that they don't like it, which leads to these posters labeling all younger folks as the same, and that we don't know anything. You know what, this might give a lot of you older folks a shock but I LOVE classic movies, and the older they are the better, I also love the subject of History, and there are many other young folks just like me, and just because you don't know any, doesn't mean that they don't exist. They think all young people are the same, in that we are st
  24. Dr. Buttcrack Buttcrack Melody Mystery Of the Wax Buttcrack The Return of Dr. Buttcrack Message was edited by: Nicki82
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