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  1. 50% off flash sale at Criterion. Until 2/26 noon EST. http://www.criterion.com/sale
  2. VCI Entertainment is having a sale today. Forgotten Noir Double Feature titles- $4.99 each Hammer Film Noir Double Feature titles- $4.99 ea. And others, including some serials. http://www.vcientertainment.com/hollywoodland.aspx?cid=78
  3. Warner Archives is having a good sale till Nov30. $14.95 for many titles, or pick 10 DVDs for $99.95. Plus free shipping. Use the code CABINWB at checkout and save $5. Brings the total for 10 to $94.95
  4. Walmart is having a decent sale of some old sets online. Free shipping if you pick it up in store. James Cagney Signature Collection- 15.50 James Dean Collection- 15.50 Bogie and Bacall Signature- 15.50 Joan Crawford Collection- 15.50 Frank Sinatra Golden Years- 15.50 Marlon Brando Collection- 15.50 Gary Cooper Signature- 15.50 James Stewart Signature- 15.50 Scorcese Collection- 15.50 Peckinpah's Westerns Collection- 15.50 Warner Western Classics Collection- 15.50 And others, including Ford at Fox for $149. I'm glad I waited to get that one. http://www.walmart.com/b
  5. It'll be amazing if they eventually open their whole collection like this. This is something Universal needs to do.
  6. It doesn't seem to be part of an announced sale, but I've noticed that at least some of the silent Image Entertainment films have come down more that 50% in price today at Amazon. Important ones I've noticed: Foolish Wives- from $26.99 to $11.99 The Parson's Widow : Three Films by Carl Theodor Dreyer- from $22.49 to $10.99 My Best Girl- Mary Pickford- from $26.99 to $11.99 True Heart Susie & Hoodoo Ann- from $22.49 to $10.99 The Hunchback Of Notre Dame (Ultimate Edition)- form $17.99 to $8.99 All of these have been restored or transferred meticulously and are as good as anythi
  7. There are some great sales of Blu-ray discs going on at Amazon all day. It changes by the hour. Right now I see Transformers-$9.99 Flags of Our Fathers -$8.99 The Bank Job- $8.99 Mad Men Season 1- $17.95 (they're selling the standard set for $27.49 ha!) If you want any, better hurry and keep checking all day.
  8. "Anybody want to buy a few hundred DVD's for cheap?" A few hundred is his entire collection amassed over many years? I take in that much over a month. No wonder Blu destoyed his entire "collection." With only a few hundred, it doesn't seem like he was much excited over DVDs in the first place. As for me, standard DVDs have destroyed my enitire collection of Blu. I had them locked up but somehow they got out and in a jealous rage they scratched up my Blu-rays. I don't mind. Blu-rays don't have enough grain, artifacts, or lack of detail for my tastes.
  9. You should wait till the Murnau-Borzage set comes out on Blu-Ray in 2023.
  10. I picked up at the DD sale: Ealing Studios Comedy Collection Alec Guiness Collection The Donna Reed Show WB Holiday Collection 2 WB Homefront Colossus: The Forbin Project-been wanting this and it's best price I've ever seen-$5.29!
  11. Actually, the 25% off sale started today at DD and at DVDplanet. Don't spent too much! I actually don't find the prices that great. Amazon has been beating those prices in their special sales recently. Just have to wait.
  12. Oldies.com is having a sale on all their $5.95/ 5 for $25 DVDs. Now $3.95 ea. Great price. Free shipping over $75. Ends Oct 17th.
  13. Deep Discount is having an awesome 2-for-1 sale of WB DVDs, including a lot of box sets. I've never seen them this cheap. Not during the 20% off sale nor the recent sale where they had things like the Tarzan1 set for $29.98. Now you can get it for $22.12 (if you buy something else for the same price.) Tarzan 2 -$14.75. Film Noir sets- $19.19 each. What! Greta Garbo Signature- $38.40. That's always over $50-60. Lucile Ball, Mickey & Judy, Stanwyck, Esther Williams, Lancaster, Gable, Bogart Signatures- $19.19 each. Cult Camp Classics Volumes 1-4: $11.98 each. The Chaplin Collectio
  14. MGM Hits $5.99 at Deep Discount, while they last. Free shipping. http://www.deepdiscount.com/viewcategory.htm?categoryId=541745&start=1&sortby=&count= Some classic films, like Arrowsmith, Dodsworth, Stella Dallas, etc, and some good newer ones, like a bunch of Woody Allen movies.
  15. By the way mateo and Edgecliff, Deep Discount matched a lot of the prices for the things that Amazon had on that long sale, and those prices are still good there. Like the Charlie Chan sets. They're actually 10 cents less than what Amazon had them for. $25.89. Plus free shipping. So the race is still on! Offhand, I see the Carmen Miranda, Doris Day, Tarzan, Lucille Ball, Film Noir sets all at the sale price.
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