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  1. 50% off flash sale at Criterion. Until 2/26 noon EST. http://www.criterion.com/sale
  2. You know you're old when you realize that things are not going to turn out all right.
  3. Gregory Peck, Joan Bennett. 1947. UA Anyone know why this film hasn't surfaced anywhere yet? No DVD, no TCM showing. Copyrights issue?
  4. Are they actually going to show episode 6 first today, followed by 4, then 5, as the schedule states? And of course they each begin at 12 pm.
  5. Why is she most beautiful in Out of the Past? Before noir brings out the best in limited talent and average looks.
  6. I don't know if this has already been discussed but, according to the schedule, on Tues April 10th at 2:15 pm they are showing "Adventures of Tartu" and then after that "Sabotage Agent," which is just the American title for the same film. The schedule has it listed with the same cast but a different running time and what almost sounds like the opposite plot of Tartu. What gives?
  7. Does anyone know where the July monthly schedule is because I'm not seeing it. Or are we not even going to get a printable schedule in the month itself?
  8. Why thank Bruce Willis, did he write the movie or even that scene? Once again, no respect or recognition for the writers.
  9. I have noticed it getting worse the last month. I guess as he gets older, it will get more and more pronounced.
  10. Donald Trump doesn't believe he's dead. He wants to see the death certificate.
  11. Thanks for the heads up. This carelessness with the schedule is beyond unacceptable.
  12. Robert Osborne said he is leaving to take Mr Sheen's previous role in Two and a Half Men.
  13. "-3 Month schedule is coming back, we are working on it (currently it is 2 months)" The way it was. Where each month popped up in it's own window. Currently that's only 1 month. And why does a whole new format still not fix the problem of having to click reply to a thread twice to post anything?
  14. "I hope TCM will run this and BELOW ZERO again soon." Anyone else notice that they ran the complete version of Below Zero last week or two. After Love Me Tonight. But they didn't announce it or have it on the schedule as far as I know. I just happened to be recording, so I got it.
  15. Web


    This thread is worthless without sound.
  16. lol @ "what happened to the men in her life?" I believe they all met an untimely death.
  17. I've got Comcast and recorded The King Steps Out and it looks fine, so it has to be on your end. If not your particular connection, then maybe their service in your area.
  18. Since I've misplaced my wax phonograph, I've got my Betamax and 8-track tape player all ready for this Laurel & Hardy marathon.
  19. Let's have only films from 1931, 24 hours a day.
  20. I don't mind the repeats so much as I do TCM not repeating the rare premieres like the Will Rogers stuff. Why can't they show them twice this month? Fox only leased them out for one showing? Is the channel here for old movie lovers or for the average person who might occasionally notice an older film they've heard about on the TV listings and so decide to come to TCM? Why does TCM care? Without advertising, how do they make more money if they get more viewers? For someone to drift over to this channel because something caught their eye, they already have to have TCM as part of their cabl
  21. He probably respects the film so much that he didn't want to ruin it with one of his commentaries. (just playing)
  22. No, I'm thinking about anything and everything. Mostly the way things were then.
  23. I'm thinking about what I should be reading instead.
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