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  1. I have looked up all of the suggestions so far and do not think the movie I remember is one of these. Mind you, it could be one of them because I am looking at descriptions on movie databases and not seeing scenes which I might be able to identify. However, I do not think the movie I am looking for has been listed here yet. Maybe this will help trigger finding it... Orignally, I was thinking that this movie included William Holden or Cary Grant as the officer trying to maintain a sense of military professionalism and Tony Curtis as the playboy type lieutenant playfully scheming his way around the rules behind his superior's back. The movie was definitely set in the Pacific. Toward the end of the movie, Navy officers were meeting on this island for a serious conference. Keep your ideas coming. I am chceking each suggestion!! I appreciate each person's helpful response.
  2. I don't think I am mixing two movies together, but I will check on the other one you named. It's something to check out and so... thanks!
  3. Remember Operation Petticoat and Father Goose? Great comedies with Navy men, right?! Funny stuff! Well, I cannot remember the title of a movie I saw and I am hoping someoine else will remember it. The setting was on a Pacific island at a hotel-type building where lots of naval officers were holding important meetings. Japanese (geishas?) took care of the housework in this hotel which the Naval officers were using as their headquarters. There were also some Naval nurses here. This was a comedy, not a drama, because the "hero" was a guy who was always flirting rather than working. I had thought he was played by Tony Curtis, but Curtis's filmography does not include this flick. I have already gone through it. Anyway, this playboy officer was usually on the edge of getting in trouble with his superiors. His immediate superior knew he had unique talent of persuasion and coordinating events. His superior was also always having to try to keep the visiting VIPs from catching his shenanigans. I thought Cary Grant had played the immediate superior officer, but that is also incorrect apparently. I can almost remember the image of the officers standing in front of a flowery fountain preparing to go into an important meeting and the Cary Grant type lead nervously, but quietly asking one of his men where the Tony Curtis type character was. Does anyone remember this flick?? Do you know the title and who the stars were? I believe my father had indicated that there were a lot of "names" from the sixties starring in the movie. (I cannot ask my father because he has passed away.) Any ideas?? Thanks to all who respond!!
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