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  1. Perfect movie for this coming October 30th. Even better, back to back with the George Pal version of "WotW", and maybe even the comedy "Spaced Invaders".
  2. So far, "At Sword's Point" with Maureen O'Hara is the one that stands out for me. I like swashbucklers with female characters who are called upon to fence or swordfight. It's fun watching those duels, where the lady proves herself the equal of the person she's duelling. I would love to see these movies, only a few of which I've ever seen, all or most apparently featuring women in swashbuckling roles, on TCM. "The Wife of Monte Cristo" (Lenore Aubert) "The Lion of St. Mark (Il Leone Di San Marco)" (Gianna Maria Canale) "The Swordsman of Siena" (Sylva Koscina) "Against All Flags" (Maureen O'Hara). "Queen of the Pirates" (Gianna Maria Canale) "Tiger of the Seven Seas" (Gianna Maria Canale) "Captain Kidd and the Slave Girl" (Sonia Sorrell) "Abbott & Costello Meet Captain Kidd" (Hillary Brooke) "Diane" (Lana Turner). "The Lady in the Iron Mask" (Patricia Medina) "Anne of the Indies" (Jean Peters) "The King's Pirate" (Jill St. John). "Isabella" (Brigitte Skay) "The Demi-Bride" (Norma Shearer) "When Knighthood was in Flower" (Marion Davies) "Those Who Love (A los que aman)" (Monica Bellucci) "The Fencing Master (El Maestro de esgrima)" (Assumpta Serna). "Cyrano and D'Artagnan" (Sylva Koscina) (among others) Thanks again.
  3. This sounds like an intriguing swashbuckler, with Lenore Aubert and Martin Kosleck in the lead roles and Gabor, always welcome in a classic movie, in a supporting role. When the Count has to put his swashbuckling and deering-do on hold because of an injury, Aubert helps him out by taking his place. Apparently has some great action, but is hard to come by with many retailers no longer offering VHS titles. Please air this. Thank you.
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