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  1. Is it me, or does this pic look like Claudia Schiffer? I wonder what Brigitte Bardot looks like today.
  2. I just watched "Im Juli" (In July) twice, once with the sub-titles off and once on because the story drifts in and out of several languages that I can't speak. That is a FUN movie! I did not know that Moritz Bleibtreu was in the movie - Munich. I will have to rent it again ... just to catch his performance. I wish he would make more movies ... in any language. I prefer German, but would really like to see him cross the pond.
  3. I have only seen these in German. I used to read the German Comic books as well. I was just a kid then. I always assumed they were German. I was wondering ... are Asterix und Obelix- French?
  4. I go with my gut instinct when it comes to what I will shell out money to see. As with any performance, much (for me) depends on the artists. The critics are often right - for me, more often than not. Oh, the money I have wasted on movies I would have rather relegated to "wait till video" status! Let's face it, most film critics know their craft (film) better than I do. That is until they get too overly involved with the artsy furzy aspect of movies and movie making. I feel that when they get too technical, it skews their view. They tend to lose me at that point. BTW ... where
  5. I just saw "Leaving Normal" again after many years. That is one of my favorite movies but I hardly ever see it on. I was wondering if TCM might show some of her (Meg Tilly) work, like "Agnes of God". I hear she is not acting anymore -- too bad. I wonder what she looks like now. Just thinking ... wondering.
  6. I just happen to have some Netflix mail in my spam folder. I guess I better have a look and see what they can offer. I just hope these films are in German. Thank you for the tip. I would still like to find German Language films to downlaod.
  7. Does anyone here know of a German "online movies" site. You know like in the US ... where one can download movies to watch? I would love to find one. I watch German news online and also to the various radio stations. BTW -- where are you all finding these German movies? I hardly ever see any for rent. Danke! Karoline
  8. She was so cute, especially since I looked a lot like her in my time. I was just thinking about her ... wondering ... what is she doing now? Puzzled, Karoline
  9. I love that movie. I don't know if this is true but someone told me that "You got Mail" is a remake of "The Shop Around the Corner".
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