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  1. This is a shout out to all the closeted "Heaven's Gate" fans out there. One of the more infamous flops in movie history,one of the last epic westerns and,yes,a cult classic. I first saw the movie on TNT late one night. It was a scratchy,murky print,but it held my interest,mainly because I had heard its name mentioned as a disastrous attempt at an epic. I was impressed enough to buy the widescreen video and enjoy the Panavision presentation as it should be seen. I will admit that it is a flawed movie,but the cinematography,costumes,scope,and the premise hint at what could have been if
  2. I agree that we should respect the traditions of movie making,but I disagree with the viewpoint that digitizing and/or dvding movies is wrong. Let us remember that there are many movies from the golden age of Hollywood that have been lost forever due to the fragile nature of the film that was used. If a dvd or other digital medium of storage can be utilized,I say better that than losing it. True,a film to film transfer could be done,but why not use the more durable format? Colorizing movies was and is wrong,but this is another matter entirely,in my view. Colorizing tampered with the visio
  3. I believe that "Bridges of Madison County" was an attempt by Meryl Streep to portray a sexy woman,but,for me, it came across as an Anna Magnani/Sophia Loren homage.
  4. I am all about Paul's "H" movies in the 60's.(Hud,Harper,the Hustler,Hombre) I would not object to a month of his movies.
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