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  1. In looking at the list of titles on Volume 3 above, it became apparent that the FitzPatrick MGM Miniature Memories of Europe is the title that got jettisoned in order to include Old New Orleans, while Rome, the Eternal City was inexplicably kept, despite not being a Traveltalk. I still want to see Memories of Europe, and to that end, since it's unlikely to ever be released on dvd, what with WB not including shorts on dvd releases anymore, I've recently taken to requesting it on a more or less weekly basis on the TCM Request a Movie page. If anyone would care to join me in requesting this neglected FitzPatrick title, that would be great. I'd like the people at TCM to realize that there's more than one person who would like to see this last remaining color "Traveltalk", assuming anyone actually reads the requests.
  2. I was just looking at the Traveltalks thread that was started by Musicalnovelty a while back, and it got me thinking: With all the various sets recently released by Warner Archives featuring specific actors like Shemp Howard and Fatty Arbuckle, or series like FitzPatrick Traveltalks, wouldn't it be great if they released similar collections for other artists and/or specific themes/series? I for one would love to see comprehensive Warner/Vitaphone collections for the following: Hal Le Roy Bob Hope Edgar Bergen Ruth Etting Vaudeville (including all the titles from the Big Time Vaudeville series) Van Dine Mysteries Perhaps an early shorts collection with stars when they were young and starting out like: James Stewart Pat O’Brien Spencer Tracy Red Skelton June Allyson The possibilities are endless. And I'm sure I'm forgetting many other worthy stars/series. These collections could be done in various combinations, like maybe putting Hal Le Roy's and June Allyson's shorts in one collection, since they were in a few shorts together, and the collections could be any number of disks each, depending on what WAC would find most appropriate. Now I realize that a number of shorts for those listed above have been released on dvd as part of larger collections or as dvd extras, but not in star-specific collections, and in many cases (for example, Hal Le Roy, Edgar Bergen and Ruth Etting) there are quite a few titles that have never seen the light of day on TCM, much less dvd, and to put all of an artist or series together in one place seems like a natural (as we've seen with Shemp and Fatty). And given the fact that shorts collections have proven to be excellent sellers, I should hope WAC would see the value in assembling more. I'd be curious to know what others think of this idea, and if anyone could come up with other stars/series for consideration.
  3. Which Educational discs are these?
  4. Thanks, Jlewis! I knew someone would come through. I hadn't actually watched it yet, so I wasn't aware of the Quo Vadis connection. I wonder why my searches never turned up the BFI listing.
  5. I'm a bit tardy posting, but I finally got my set, and I cannot describe how pleased I am that I now have the complete run. Still haven't watched them all yet, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the cut-off-a-few-seconds-before-the-end problem that plagued a number of titles on the first two sets isn't prevalent here. I'd personally never run across "Memories of Australia", and yes, it is a compilation of footage from "Glimpses of Australia" and "Sydney, Pride of Australia", but for the sake of completeness, not to mention Jimmy's narration evoking his feelings regarding Australia, both before and during the war, I'm glad that it was included. It does make me wonder, though, why "Rome, the Eternal City", a film that seemingly has no connection with FitzPatrick, was included, when "Memories of Europe", a FitzPatrick Miniature similar to "Memories of Australia", presumably could have been included instead. But there you have it, which is certainly more than I'd ever hoped for. Speaking of "Rome, the Eternal City", do any of the experts here know anything about this picture other than what can be seen on screen? There doesn't seem to be any information regarding it anywhere that I can find. It does have an MPAA number, which suggests that it was released, and its number also suggests that it was released in 1952 (which happens to be the copyright year shown in the credits). But there's no listing for it on the IMDb, on citwf.com, or in the LoC motion picture copyright catalogue. There is another "Rome, the Eternal City" from 1948 listed in the catalogue and on CITWF, but it's obviously a different picture. The one on the dvd has all the proper MGM logos and text in the credits, plus it's in color, which the 1948 title is not. So if anybody can find anything on this title, feel free to post it here.
  6. Nothing compares to all day Vitaphone shorts (and features). Woo hoo!
  7. mickeyfender

    Hal Leroy

    Thanks! Wouldn't dare miss it.
  8. Fantastic news! I'll definitely be getting mine as a late birthday present to myself. Don't even need to know the listing.
  9. Got my set today. Haven't played it yet, but I expect no problems. Really looking forward to it. The description of the home screen and disk color provided by TravelFilmsFan is pretty much in line with every shorts collection I've ever bought from Warner Archive -- and I've bought quite a few. But in regards to future sets, a thought crossed my mind: Does WHV plan to include the shorts that, while released by MGM and informally grouped with Traveltalks, weren't released under the Traveltalks banner? Specifically, the two-reel Mighty Manhattan: New York's Wonder City and the two People on Parade titles, Voices of Venice and Egypt Speaks. I would certainly hope they'd all be included, as no Traveltalks collection would be complete without them. But that's for another day. As for now, I can't wait to get home and try these out. Edit: In looking over the titles again I noticed another one from my list -- Java Journey. Now I'm even more stoked. Woo hoo!
  10. Still waiting for mine, but thanks to TravelFilmsFan, I know that one of the films on my list, Alluring Alaska, which I've never seen, is included. And for that alone I'm very excited. The lineup overall is a very nice cross-section, and a good beginning to what will hopefully be a comprehensive release of all Traveltalk titles. Interesting to note that the two most played Traveltalks of all time, Paris on Parade and Glimpses of Florida, are also included, though a third contender, Around the World in California, doesn't seem to have made the cut this time around. Bet it's on the next one. As for when the next set will be released, who knows? Hopefully very soon. There's always the "strike while the iron's hot" argument versus the "don't flood the market" argument, but I for one would definitely strike while the iron's hot with this series of shorts. But I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
  11. Looked in on this thread after not having been around for a while to discover the news regarding the Traveltalk collection release. Absolutely made my day! I love these shorts, especially Jimmy's "dry" narration, and in spite of the cheesy organ in the later ones. I haven't been able to find the lineup of the 60 titles, so if anyone has any information, feel free to post. I wouldn't be surprised if they went chronologically, but then again, I wouldn't be surprised if they split up the 60 by region, the way Warner Archive offered them in their online streaming service. In any case, it's really good news. In all honesty, I never thought I'd see the day when these shorts would see any kind of official release except as dvd extras. It'll be very important that this set sells well so that WB will be motivated to release additional sets. And at 60 shorts per set, it's going to take quite a few more sets to get them all released (the color ones, that is). And don't get me wrong, I'm all for getting the B&W ones released, as well (ditto for A Cavalcade of Texas and the British Pathé newsreel clip), but I think that's probably a much taller order, so at the moment I think it's most important to get the color Traveltalks out there first. As for quality, well, they certainly aren't going to be any worse than the ones I recorded onto my dvr. Though it'll be kinda strange to see them without the little TCM watermark. I guess I'll just have to tough it out and get used to it.
  12. Found the list, and since the time of its posting (2 years ago!) it has been whittled down to the following titles. If any of these were shown in the last couple of years, I somehow managed to miss them. So here goes: Alluring Alaska (1941) Colorful Guatemala (1935) Glimpses of Mexico (1940) Glimpses of Peru (1937) Glimpses of Washington State (1940) Holland in Tulip Time (1934) Java Journey (1939) So these are the titles that I for one would very much like to see played. TCM seems to be on a Traveltalk kick recently, so if the programmer could somehow see fit to air any (or all) of these, I'd be in heaven.
  13. Excellent stuff, Jlewis! Lord knows where you get all the info, but really well done. As for the list that I mentioned in my most recent post, I'll have a look and see if I can find it, but barring that, perhaps I can just recreate it from the checklist Jlewis supplied. Btw, anybody who may want to see A Cavalcade of Texas (the super-length Traveltalk-style film filmed independently of the MGM series -- and the only FitzPatrick filmed in Texas) can find it here (along with a four-minute intro discussing its rediscovery):
  14. I actually suggested once to include Traveltalks in TCM's Summer Under the Stars program, but I think I like your suggestion more. There's absolutely no reason why they can't do something like that -- maybe once a month. It would certainly be a welcome change from the constant repetition of shorts we see now. For example, as fine a film as Kingdom of the Saguenay is, does it really need to be shown every single month? Once every year or so would be fine. There are a number of shorts that seem to be in heavy rotation like that. That's a shame, as there are hundreds of shorts that have been MIA that could be shown instead. Several months ago, Yancey and I made a list of a half dozen or so Traveltalks we'd like to see, mainly because they haven't been shown in years. One of them, Land of the Quintuplets, actually aired soon afterward, and subsequently was repeated at least twice! Unfortunately, though Yancey did confirm the others were available to be aired, none of them ever have been to this day. Still keeping fingers crossed.
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