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  1. Super : the movie... said by the Jommie Olson Charcter?
  2. Movie: Supergirl said by the Jimmie olson charcter. Message was edited by: relax
  3. I did send you an email, but then was advised this is the place to go. Please get me unregistered from these message boards. It has been an awful experience and frankly , I am a little frightened... I don`t want anyone to have access to anything involving me... Please help. as soon as possible!!!
  4. > That's exactly what I thought, klondike, anyone who > doesn't realize that documentary is demonizing the > MPAA precisely because of its prejudice > against gay/lesbian relationships (and their honest > portrayal in modern movies for those who want to see > them). > > I say, let's avoid this one, probably some right-wing > nutcase... What in the world is wrong with you folks??? Just because someone has not been registered on these message boards or ever posted to them, does not mean we all do not have opinions { as you all have} or prejudices {as you
  5. I started to add something elase ,,, & then realized it was not worth the effort.
  6. Bartlet: You are absolutly correct. not only is it short... my attention span very quickly figures out angry, rude folks!!! have a great week!!!
  7. Well, One could make this a PBS type channel or cspan type... perhape brian lamb would have some ideas??? Chow everyone
  8. By George, I belive you`ve got it!!! Very true words... revamping my thinking to being a little more receptive... Horrors, you don`t think I might actually realiae I learned to appreciate something??? One would think as old as I am that I would have caught on to the fact that "there is the right way of thinking and 100 other right ways of thinking!" So I say to myself "ENJOY" Chow everyone!!!!
  9. IMO a classic is a film that stands the test of time .... what ever that means... BUT, I am glad..[i guess] that we all do not see everything the same .... I expect it is better that we are not ALL alike.& folks enjoy different films.. Some things I just think are rather silly & cannot imagine making a film about that topic... now that is just me... everyone is entitled to their own opinion.... Maybe....
  10. I find the whole casting aspect of film making to be very intriguing, I always am rather amazed at how most of the time someone seems "made " for a part.... Then I wonder if I could cast someone & have them fit the part... plus I always wonder if I could play the part & seem believable...I don`t think of myself as particular creative.... much more of a business type... so maybe i would`nt be very successful???
  11. Ooooooooh... I love these... and why in the world , I, the female Woody Allen [You know like has his hangups] picked relax for a screen name ... eludes me at this time... do another one!!!!!!!!
  12. "The Devil and Miss Jones.movie ...Charles Coburn.
  13. Charles Coburn in the movie with Jean Arthur about the store guy posing as a worker.???.. the dummy was in the protest parade.
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