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  1. Thanks for the heads-up! Looking forward to Irvin S. Cobb, whose Roach shorts I've only read about.
  2. Thanks for the heads-up on THE HASTY MARRIAGE!
  3. Thanks for the heads-up on the Taxi Boys! Although I just don't get Ben Blue, he is ever-so-slowly growing on me. But I'd still take Franklin Pangborn over him any day!
  4. The morning of April 16: 12:00 AM ASK FATHER (1919) In this silent film, a young man asks his girlfriend's father for permission to marry her. Cast: Bebe Daniels, Harold Lloyd, Snub Pollard. BW-13 mins, TV-G 12:20 AM AMONG THOSE PRESENT (1921) In this silent film, an ambitious young man poses as an English lord. Dir: Fred Newmeyer Cast: Harold Lloyd, BW-35 mins, TV-G 1:00 AM HAUNTED SPOOKS (1920) In this silent short, a woman must marry and live in a seemingly haunted house to collect her inheritance. Dir: Alf Gouldin
  5. Good call, thanks for the heads-up! Nice cameo in that short.
  6. I'm surprised nobody mentioned the Charley Chase 3-reeler that was on last night, "Rough Seas" with Thelma Todd.
  7. It's been said many many times but can't be said enough: Thank you MGMWBRKO! Also thanks for the heads-up on the upcoming Charley Chase.
  8. Last time I checked, TCM was still running plenty of feature length films so don't worry. And please be careful how you use the word "we", as you don't speak for "us". I'd be willing to bet the majority don't have a problem with the 'fillers' being shown on TCM. Beats the heck out of watching commercials like on that other station.
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