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  1. years ago there was a movie about the tribe of manasseh and the high plateau they lived on -my kids remember me letting them stay up late to watch it- i cant remember the name of the movie - i would like to see it again --does any one else remember it
  2. i had been getting the schedule just before the end of the month--I've tried to get back to where i joined but cant get though to the rite e-mail to request it again help
  3. the movie title i' trying to find is about a young woman that got a job teaching in apoor community- i think their were coal miners-or welsh farmers-think susan hayward or lottera young played the teacher- what i remember is she's in a wagon riding by a large patch of cabbages -tells the man they look like emeralds and rubies-- cant for the life of remember the name can any one help??????
  4. or maybe miss loretta young i CANT remember
  5. i talked to my mom all she could remember was she thought" it took place in a walsh town with poor farmers, she to thought it was susan hayward as the teacher" all help is appreciated thanks
  6. long ago i saw a movie i think had susan hayward in it-can't remember the name- what i do remember is she was riding to a new school in a buggy- and made the remark about all of the big cabbages-it might have been in a small mining town - any help would great m.wilson
  7. i too love that movie- i taped it back before amc went to commercials- till enjoy it
  8. at least you spelled it right-mom said it was good movie .thanks
  9. a place to call home? i think thats the right title linda {from the show alice} marries this man- he takes her and the kids to Australia- then leaves them for years-then comes back to take over-she fights him for the ranch
  10. does any one remember dick powell and claudett colbert ? i think it was made about 1938 or so.
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