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  1. That's Mr. Creep for all of you 'open' minded and tolerant types! Having trouble accepting conservative 1st amendment rights? Intolerance by libs is worse than the same from Conservatives. We don't claim to be tolerant of obvious deviations of class and good taste!
  2. THE SOLUTION: To the VILE and DEPRAVED efforts of today's so-called "Art" film makers and modern Hollywood in general is to Bomb any theatre showing this Crap! Looks like some of you 'tolerent' lib types might be in the audience when the bombs are dropped. That's too bad! So sorry! I know the difference between 'art' and vile depravity! What would Frank Capra say to these degenerates passing as movie producers today?!!!
  3. I'm especially posting info about Robert Redford's latest 'Sundance Film Festival'. 2 movies were featured there that shows just how far Hollywood has degenerated from the Classic Era of times gone by. As if it wasn't bad enough that almost every PG-13 or R movie is infested with profanity, explicit sex, nudity, and drug use, modern film makers want to take it further into depravity! The 2 afore mentioned films featured were about beastiality and the rape of a 12 year old girl(Dakota Fanning) Both films were actually praised as being "art" and Redford so no reason not to show either film so as
  4. Here's the quote by Katharine Hepburn that says it better than I can, "Acting is the most minor of talents and not a very high class way to make a living, after all Shirley Temple could do it when she was four." Maybe in the 40's and 50's there actually was some "Star Power" with the likes of Jimmy Stewart, Gable, Cooper, Ginger Rogers, Monroe, etc. but todays pretenders pale in comparison and makes one want to go back in time when there was actually a reason to watch the Oscars. Do we really want to see DiCreepio, Matt Damon, Tom Cruise or other 'girly' men accepting the very same statues tha
  5. That would be Obama HUSSAIN Barack! whose thinking of running for President but I'm not sure which country. Iran? Syria? one of those countries where making BOMBS is the No. 1 industry.
  6. My TV is monitored with an S-Chip so I wasn't able to watch the Globes last night. The "S" stands for STENCH! like in "PEW" It was on, thankfully! when Joan Rivers started to pollute my screen and continued right up to the first commercial! Bits and parts would come through every now and then BUT! I'm sure I was sparred the worst! All Award shows are CR**P! Just one big heinie kissing contest! You kiss mine and I'll kiss yours! that's about it! The only reason to watch these shows would be to catch the latest "accidental" costume malfunction and the resulting nudity. But it's all going to be o
  7. Feel sorry for all of those under 60 types who missed out on what was for us kids of the 50's the best part of the week! I'm referring to Saturday mornings at our local movie theatre. 6 cartoons! A (to be continued next week) Movie serial and 2 "B" movies, either westerns or horror films. Maybe 2 sci-fi movies. But it was all FUN stuff! I'm especially devoted to those old movie serials. Superman serials were great fun! But there were about 230 serials made. The best mostly came from the 40's like 'Green Hornet' 'Masked Marvel' and 'Captain Marvel'! Let Ben M. host more than just 3 vintage cart
  8. I actually saw this film in the permissive 60's. NOT entertainment! Just Hollywood trying to inflict their liberal values and opinions on the majority. I also saw "Easy Rider" about the same time. REALLY enjoyed the ending! Good old Southern Boys send a message to any future drug infested intruders!
  9. Just wanted to see how many p.c. libs were infesting this board! Not as many as I expected. Reality is the enemy of every p.c. cowardly lib! Have you libs disposed of your "Holiday" trees yet?!
  10. I seriously wonder how many parents of young white daughters would think it was 'funny' if their white daughter brought home a black man for the weekend? Liberal biased theories work much better when they are NOT reality! Or if it's done by some other parent's daughter. Comedy my a..!
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