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  1. I'm having my dog memorize 1984 as I type, just in case there's some Fahrenheit 451 action around here when they (the thought police) arrive!!!!!!
  2. Does 'old man Potter' remind anyone else of a certain vice president.? Tragically, his character isn't fictional. Shame on me!! I'm feeling a bit cheeky and outspoken today, sorry if I offended anyone.
  3. Now that you have pointed this innocent mistake out, I was a child and childhood memories can be a bit cloudy, the face of the actor is coming back to me, thanks. :)I would like to see this version again. I don't think I mentioned anything about Mystery being on PBS, but thanks for the information.
  4. The Ghost and Mr. Chicken Deathtrap Silver Streak Clue
  5. I concur Cinemascope. Many moons ago I worked with someone who thought that the best film she had ever seen was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Go figure! How's that for subjective? Message was edited by: snowfal1
  6. Klondike, that is so funny, my parents used to say, "I don't want you kids out gallavanting around." I had forgotten! My mom used to say, "You kids stop jumping around like two **** in a frying pan."
  7. 1800's- tarnation, tarnal, sam hill, dash it all, dang, dash= damn/damnation blazes= devil, evil swow, snore= swear strumpet, adventuress= loose woman/ prostitute giving him the mitten= to turn down a marriage proposal (from Elizabeth's page) 1700's- Bless my stars! 1930's- he/she is such a bozo inferiority complex 1940's and 50's- cool 1960's 70's- cop-out dip or dip sh*t groovy far out or farm out flattery will get you nowhere uncooth 1930's- I'll be seeing ya ***************** see ya!
  8. How nice that you remember your professors! I too took a film class for an elective. The prof. that I had timed every film and worked his lecture backwards from run time (lecture, 10 minute break, run film). Some of the students skipped the films, but I had the lab instructor (grad. student) who made you fill in a questionnaire on each film during run time. After the film was finished, he stood at one of the exit doors collecting each questionnaire from his students. This was a 300 head count lecture hall and you could tell who was in Mr. J's class by the lightening bug penlights that flashe
  9. Cinemascope, I was just thinking that maybe I'm being a hypocrite because I love jumping and dressage. I'll have to think on this.
  10. what does "troll" mean when speaking of someone on a thread? E.g. He/she must be a troll... Thank You,
  11. Actually, I have thought that it would be nice if TCM were to carry some recent films.By recent I mean 1960's, 70's, and 80's. Another thought that came to me was the idea of having another TCM channel that carried more recent films. I also would love to see TCM pick up a channel that carried TV series. They could show the TV miniseries along with the regular TV series on the new TCTV.
  12. Cinemascope, yes, I have watched Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken, I didn't enjoy watching the horses jump off the high ramp. However, I loved the horses' beauty and intelligence. I also enjoyed the courage of the main character.
  13. Warner Brothers remake of Black Beauty, Walt Disney's, The Horse Masters, and the series All Creatures Great and Small. Message was edited by: snowfal1
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