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  1. > But he's right! ;-) Correctomundo! Dad's are always right. I was trying to point out that we all are products of our generation. But...who really knows how to measure a man's swashbuckling skills. The flashing smile and hearty laughter during swordplay has as much to do with it as acrobatics. It's probably been done, but would make an interesting thread. Who was the greatest swashbuckler of them all..and what made him so?
  2. North Bronx, Section is called Wakefield. My subway stop was 233rd St. and White Plains Road on the Lex. I've been in Florida for the past 30 years. But I'm president of a local Bronx Club here in the retirement community where I live. How about you?
  3. Is there any difference between replying using "reply to this thread" or the "reply" contained in an individual posting?
  4. Re: Johnny vs. Gordon vs Lex, etc. I think the answer is whoever you grew up watching. To me, it's always been Johnny. That's who was on the screen when I was 7-10 years old. When Lex took over, I viewed him (unfairly) as a fraud. Gordon looked like he spent most of his time in a gym and there were no gyms in the "French Belgium Congo" where I always assumed Tarzan lived. This nostalgic Tarzan discussion reminds me of chatting with my daughters about James Bond. They find my opinion that Sean Connery was the best James Bond silly and old fashioned and causes them to roll their eyes
  5. I took a canoe trip down the Oklawaha River in central Florida a number of months ago. As you travel along you occasionally spot a monkey. The rumor is that these are the descendants of the monkeys used at Silver Springs for the old Tarzan movies. When they packed up, they didn't bother to round up the monkeys. Anyone ever hear that story? Any truth to it? It sounds plausible in a pre-PETA movie era.
  6. A few years ago, I read it was Cheetah's 75th birthday. The article mentioned that Cheetah had played in Tarzan movies with Lex Barker. This got my suspicions up immediately because I identify Cheetah with Johnny. I contacted the owner of Cheetah through a forum like this one, and verified it was "Weismuller's" Cheetah. He is in retirement in california. I learned he had given up cigars years ago and spends his time painting. A few days later I get a note from a guy from Ft. Lauderdale asking my advice about whether I thought a purchase of one of Cheetah's paintings would be a good inves
  7. BronxGuy

    Comedy Races

    Does anyone remember the old Saturday afternoon Comedy Races? You enter the theater, receive a number that matches one of the numbers of the "racers" in the movie short. They'd start out on bicycles, motorcycles, and then goofy things would happen. Your guy might get flipped off his bike , land in a baby carriage, and go tearing down a hill, under trucks, etc. I've searched the internet and it's like they never existed.
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