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  1. HOORAY_HOORAY I have been requesting this movie for the last 2 years.Do you think they will ever show Dennis Morgan's movie besides?
  2. Saw Mama Mia & seems like it was remake of a movie with Gina Lollobridgeda (3 Mrs Campbells) ? I think back in the 60's.A m right or just dreaming.
  3. Yes Jack Dempsey is right but I think he was in the Coast Guard in WW2
  4. Does anyone know what happened to Vickie Frederick? She wasa neighbor when I lived in NJ.Played in ChorusLine & small role in Chaplin besides some other B or C movies.Seems to have dropped out or quit the business.
  5. Does anyone know if the TV show Quantum Leap is on Video or DVD.?Thanks for any info.
  6. Thanks to all who replied to my inquery about this program; The Saturday Special was the show I remember.I Still have the record,but I guess that the TV show is lost.It was probably not filmed.Thanks again .
  7. Does any none remember a TV Special called Manhattan Towers, I think with Gordon Jenkins Music.? Would it be on a vhs from years ago? It may have been a live tv show probably in the 50's or earlier.
  8. I've already posted some of my favorites before but I caught Eddie & The Cruisers (not really a musical) & loved The Dark Side.
  9. A child actress in the movie with John Travolta (I think Phenomenon). I thik was also the Rice Krispies Girl in commercials.Should ne about 21 now I think.
  10. Was Gene Kelly in a movie with Deanna Durbin in late 40's-early 50's?.
  11. There also was one with Jenifer Jones,I think; Good Morning Miss Dove?
  12. Another One----Man with the Golden Arm background music-great Jazz arrangement
  13. Can anyone tell us if Tom Tyler,whoplayed Captain Marvel & whoever played Billy Batson(who turned into Cap Marvel when he said SHAZAM) are still with us & if they made any other movies?
  14. One of the best-Donald O'Connor in Make 'em Laugh from Singing in the Rain
  15. I think I remember amovie like that where a serial killer was killing nurses & he was diguised as a nurse himself.Sorry I can't remember more.
  16. Baby Sandy was a child star back in the 30's or 40's & I was told she was a second cousin,but I don't know what her real name was. I think she was in a movie with Bing Crosby. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
  17. Hooray!!!!!!! That's the rest of the song.Must be the right movie.Thanks bollywood.
  18. This is from late 30's,early 40's;a Navy movie I think;there is a song in the movie called "Over the sea's let's go men,we're shoving right off,we're shoving right off again,Nobody knows where or when,we,re shoving right off again, etc.Ive been singing this song for years but don't know what movie it's from. Any help?Nobody ever heard of it & think I made it up.
  19. I think the name is My Son John with Helen Hayes & Robert Walker & Dean Jagger. Has it ever been released for TV or tape or DVD? Also Van Heflin I think;good acting.I don't think it has ever been on TV.
  20. ricky1

    Porgy & Bess

    Has this movie ever been released on Tape or DVD? I don't think it has ever been shown on any TV program or Movie Channel. Would love to see it;a truly great musical.
  21. NZ -----Thanks for the info.Give a Girl A Break was'nt that great,but they were good. Ididn't know about Everything or Jupiter. Thanks.
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