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  1. Thanks - oh well I saw the 70's version and I think it was ok. I won't go so far as to say it was great. I thought Redford had a solid performance and I actually thought Lois Chiles was ok but her part wasn't big enough to mold into something special. I really enjoyed the music though and I would have to mention that the fancy decor and interesting parties added some flare to the film.
  2. Thanks I'm gonna try for the 1949 version but do you know if it is available on DVD yet?
  3. Put on your sunday clothes from Wall - E (it was really from Hello Dolly!) haha
  4. Rudolph Valentino _ _ _ _ _ _ ian(religion) paying for one getting two roto rooter
  5. If Lois Chiles wasn't good how were the lead performers?
  6. Old Yeller - we just keep going back and forth haha
  7. I really love the theme song from The Way We Were and another one would have to be the theme from Chariots of Fire when they are running and the song is playing in the background - it just works!
  8. Guess Who's Coming To Dinner Spencer Tracy or Gregory Peck
  9. Somethings Got to Give Uncle Buck or Bringing Up Baby
  10. Gene because it seems he would be more fun to dance with because of his fast paced movements and his more athletic build but i'm sure it would be nice and more romantic(in a way) to dance with Fred Astaire Gene would probably want you to be a perfect partner though because I remember I had a dance teacher who told us she went to a $200 college workshop with Gene Kelly instructing them on dance(he was old at this time). She said the first thing he did was go around and tell those he thought didn't look thin enough to leave. Luckily she got to stay.
  11. spend sir trace sea = Spencer Tracy shading color bloody light kiss
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