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  1. Hi Laffite! I didn't start that old Coop thread but I was very active on it along with a few others. It was a lot of fun! I started my own Gary site in 2009 (then last year I upgraded it) and that has kept me busy so I haven't posted as much here but this is a great community. About They Came to Cordura, it was edited to Heck and back and that apparently did a lot of damage to the story. I like the message of that one though that one cowardly act does not necessarily make you a coward forever and one heroic act doesn't mean your always a hero. The part that bothers me though is near th
  2. Hey Fellow Coop fans! I used to post here regularly until I started my own Gary site in 2009 and that took a lot of my time. Last Fall I set up a completely new site and it's chock full of Gary pics, articles, audio files, etc... http://www.garycoopercollection.com/ The Hanging Tree is definitely a great film. Gary's costar Maria Schell later said Gary was her favorite Hollywood star she worked with and she loved his calm demeanor and how he always seem to be in control and it made her feel calm and centered as well.
  3. Gary Cooper (1934) Oooh, hot stuff!!
  4. It was Jane Morgan who sang Fascination and it was a pretty big hit when it was released after the film came out. It's been quite while since I've been around on the boards and I'm glad to see this thread is still going strong.
  5. Gary is finally getting a bluray release of Vera Cruz on June 7th! Yay!!!! http://www.classicflix.com/vera-cruz-bluray-june-a-944.html?osCsid=5ba3cb223de8b29077ea63509a09a546
  6. Thanks Frank, I did have a happy birthday.
  7. Hi Wendy! My holiday season is going well. I'm nearly done with my Christmas shopping. I usually pick a couple of the Salvation Army angel kids and get them toys and clothes and I've got to finish that up this weekend. It's so much fun shopping for toys and the only time I get to do it as there aren't any little kids in my family right now. I probably get a bigger kick out of picking out the toys than they do playing with them . Gary's first scene in *Meet John Doe* (the pic is from that scene) is what made me go crazy for him so I definitely agree that he's incredibly sexy there!!
  8. It looks as if Frank has fallen on hard times. Personally I think he's faking it just so Babs will take pity on him and throw a little sugar his way. I'm sorry it's been so long since I've been around. I do hope everyone is doing well and hopefully not in as bad a shape as poor John Doe up there. I'm still plugging along in school (should be done in fall 2012) and I'll be Dr. Coopsgirl . I'm gonna make Frank call me that too! Is everybody ready for Christmas?
  9. Thanks April, that was a lovely compliment! I'm excited to see your video. Is it a Gary one or just a bunch of different actors? I'm sure it will be good.
  10. Thanks guys, I'm glad y'all liked the video .
  11. Meet John Doe is my fave of the two b/c that's the film that got me hooked on Gary. Pics: http://i733.photobucket.com/albums/ww331/troilus09/pics%202/prideoftheyankees16.jpg http://i733.photobucket.com/albums/ww331/troilus09/pics%202/wolfsong.jpg http://i733.photobucket.com/albums/ww331/troilus09/pics%202/fightingcaravans-3.jpg http://i733.photobucket.com/albums/ww331/troilus09/pics%202/amanfromwyoming-3.jpg http://i733.photobucket.com/albums/ww331/troilus09/pics%202/promopic7.jpg http://i733.photobucket.com/albums/ww331/troilus09/pics%202/drwasse
  12. Yeah, I noticed they have some other films listed that I have bought from Movies Unlimited and City Streets isn't listed on the Universal Collections page so it probably is the same old copy that's making the rounds.
  13. Wow! How did I miss this? There's no info about it at my usual places (HTF, Nitrateville, Classic Flix). This one must have flown under the radar. I'll definitely have to pick it up, thanks for letting us know.
  14. Thanks y'all for the nice comments about the pic and the video! Hey Dan, I'm so sorry to hear about your arm. I hope you are healing alright. That's good about your weight loss though. I went to amazon and signed up to be notified about the three possible bluray releases for Gary. Those would be excellent choices for an HD release, of course I'd take any of his films in HD .
  15. Here's a pic of Gary that I colorized. I love this picture. He was just so beautifully put together.
  16. I'm glad y'all liked the pics. Sorry I haven't been around much. I'm really making progress towards my degree though and hopefully sometime in 2012 I'll be "Dr." Coopsgirl .
  17. Here are some I colorized of my fave redhead - Clara Bow.
  18. Here's my latest video, I hope y'all will like it.
  19. Here's a bunch of pics. I'm just posting the links so I won't have to resize the photos. http://i733.photobucket.com/albums/ww331/troilus09/pics%202/highnoon.jpg http://i733.photobucket.com/albums/ww331/troilus09/pics%202/headshot2-2.jpg http://i733.photobucket.com/albums/ww331/troilus09/pics%202/headshot3-3.jpg Gary and Janet Leigh - 1961 http://i733.photobucket.com/albums/ww331/troilus09/pics%202/garyandjanetleighjan1961.jpg Gary and Alvin York http://i733.photobucket.com/albums/ww331/troilus09/pics%202/garyandalvinyork.jpg Children of Divorce http://i7
  20. First I went to a ballgame: Then I got into a fight with Frank when he insulted my boyfriend: Finally Gary and I went out for a fancy night on the town: Then to bed to rest:
  21. I used my birthday money to get some neat Gary stuff at an antique store. I got hardback copies of Zane Grey's *Fighting Caravans* and *Nevada* that were reprints from the 60s and a 1901 silver dollar. Theresa also got me a lobby card from *Cloak and Dagger* and a Yugoslavian mag with Gary on the cover. She got me an awesome pic of Clara Bow too from the 30s that was one that Paramount would have sent out to fans when they requested pics. It's so cool!!!
  22. I love that pic Wendy! I'm putting it at my desktop . Thanks to everybody for the birthday wishes. It was a fun birthday.
  23. There was a new book recently released about Gary by David Thomson called *Gary Cooper*. I just wanted to let everyone know not to waste your money on it. A friend of mine just got through reading it and she said it was very poorly written and the author actually used the ?f? word in describing some of his affairs which to me is very inappropriate and also just not very professional. It seems this book also follows the standard pattern I?ve found in most books about him; they compliment him in one sentence and insult him in the next. There are some pictures in it but she said they weren?t any
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