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  1. I love the pirate! It's so goofy...I love the part when Macoco yells at everyone to leave the room in a panic and they don't budge, but when Serafin calmly says it they get scared and rush out....so funny.
  2. yay! it's Monday! you know what that means! It's Gene Kelly movie night! woot! I'm excited to see An American in Paris...I haven't seen that one in a while. This is a million times better then garbage night at my house!
  3. That really is a shame....I'm sorry cinemascope. He's in a better place now. He's probably up there somewhere with all those hamsters I used to have when I was short..er. I'm sure he's having a swell time up in the big blue yonder....(sigh)
  4. This is such depressing news...I'm sorry, did he just pass away this morning? Cool Hand Luke is one of my favorite Paul Newman movies. That's a real shame, but hey! Think of all the really great things he did while he was alive! He probably died happy knowing that he contributed to some really great movies...cool hand Luke is really the only one I know of, but he will always be remembered for his stupendous achievement in this world!...and the next too! I give my regards to his biggest fan.
  5. I must say that Danny Kaye is definitely one of the most talented comedians/actors I've ever seen. He's an absolute wonder man!
  6. I believe I have. I don't quite remember. What's the story line?
  7. I think it's funny how the "mexicans" in this movie aren't the least bit....um....mexican. I watched this movie for the first time today and I found it very amusing.
  8. Thanks! I'm gonna go out and look for it this weekend. I'm excited!
  9. This it truly a fabulous movie...one of my favorite parts in this movie is when that silly girl has a crush on Cary and she says something like, "you can kiss me now if you want" and then Cary scares her away pretending to sweep her off her feet....funny...huh, silly girl. This movie is very amusing.
  10. now I really want to watch it! I'm excited!
  11. may I ask who's in around the world in 80 days? I've seen the goofy modern version with jackie chan and them but not the one from the 50's of which you speak.
  12. That's strange. I swore up and down that it was her, but I guess it was my imagination. Thank you for that bit of info. I kinda thought I was wrong anyways because it seemed out of character for Katherine to be in this movie. But again, thank you for helping me out. kt
  13. no I still haven't seen that movie. Isn't it more of a documentary about gene kelly? or at least that's what I've heard...or I think I've heard that, but no, I'm still waiting around to see that one.
  14. ogm! happy gene kelly month everybody! It's finally here and I've just realized it thanks to jolieParee so thank you jolie paree! I love that scene too! It's one of the most sarcastice movies I've ever watched too. Like the beginning when gene's telling the story of his and donalds success...funny
  15. oh, one more thing...is it just me or does Katherine Hepburn pop up in the crowd of people in the beginning when gene comes out with Donald....good times. Maybe it's just my imagination getting the better of me. she would be the fan that faints in the crowd.
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