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  1. I've only sort of recently began watching TCM, the main host at this moment being my good old buddy, Robert Osborne. The new guy seems like he knows his stuff, and is competant and all that, but I can't say I'm a fan. I think the set looks pretty crummy too. I suppose it's just because I'm used to Robert Osborne and I find him warm and inviting, and when I see the introductions to the movies, I usually don't turn them off.
  2. I was sad to hear that Charles Bronson had died. I recently began watching many of his movies, and found him to be a talented actor. He did leave quite a mark in the films he made.
  3. wingsscrub


    I adore Footloose, I'm glad someone brought it up. And the idea of a remake of Viva Las Vegas or Footloose just makes me lose faith in movies and Hollywood. Britney and Justin may be talented to some, but I don't believe they can pull off a remake. There's just so much riding on remakes these days.
  4. For mystery, I'd reccomend "The Maltese Falcon", it's one of my personal favorites. For Drama, I'd recommend "The Great Escape", and for Westerns, I'd show "The Magnificent Seven" or "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence". Hope these help. And I also think this is a great idea, hope it all works out! Alexa
  5. I love Elvis movies, they're that vein of bad that doesn't cross that "guilty pleasure" line. And I also zone out in front of the tv. It's sad, really. Alexa
  6. A guilty pleasure for me, and this is just one among many, are the old "horror" flicks from the 50's and 60's, such as The Blob, Invasion of the Body Snatchers and things of that sort. And I have quite the pension for disaster movies too, once I start them, I just can't turn them off. Alexa
  7. wingsscrub


    For me it's gotta be An American In Paris and Guys and Dolls. Those are my 2 absolute favorites, and to list all the others would just be boring. I think they've got great music and some great dancing, the whole package comes together. And I'm a softy for a man who can sing like Frank Sinatra or can dance like Gene Kelly.
  8. I'd have to say Steve McQueen absolutely anywhere. I think he's dreamy. And for a second, it could be Gene Kelly in An American in Paris or Cary Grant in Notorious. Or Jimmy Stewart in The Philedelphia Story. They're positively good looking and absolutely noteworthy. But when it's all said and done, my vote for me is for Steve McQueen.
  9. If someone were to destroy this movie, I don't think anyone would miss it. I'll go with "Pay it Foward" which I saw on my way to France and I'm STILL really angry about it. Either that or Jerry Maguire, but I have a huge problem with Tom Cruise, I can't stand him at ALL.
  10. I love this network and it's gotten me into watching old movies, whether they be the "classics" like Gone With the Wind or West Side Story or those old, campy horror flicks like "The Blob", which is one of my personal favorites, due to Steve McQueen.
  11. I'm in Michigan. We don't do a whole lot. I'm young, and it seems all the movies are absolute crap. Full of sex, violence and drugs, profanity, I just can't handle it. Now, I'll admit, sometimes I want something stupid, whether it be gory, filled with curses, provocative, or drug riddled, but I also spend most of my time with TCM. Robert Osborne is a wonderful host. I find the introductions to the movies amazing and some of the One Reel Wonders and shorts the channel shows really are quite good. For being a teenager, TCM really fits the bill. No commercials, no promoting anything but great o
  12. I'm a teenager and started last year with TCM's 31 Days of Oscar. It was Humphrey Bogart in The Maltese Falcon. I adored that flick. Ever since I've been watching old movies. I'd probably start them with that because it's got so much drama and appeal in every way, shape and form. And I think Mr. Bogart is ridiculously talented and could make anyone melt. Even now.
  13. Tom Cruise. I'm sorry, I just think he's really really annoying. I don't find him sexy or talented. And he's shorter than he should be.
  14. I'd have to say Roman Holiday and The Maltese Falcon. Something about the image just screams "black and white".
  15. There's a lot that can qualify, but one of mine is Gosford Park. I find it calm, quiet, with that bit of intruige to keep you interested. On the other hand, I'm pretty easily appeased. Most movies on TCM on a rainy Sunday will do it for me. I also really enjoy While You Were Sleeping. Just a nice movie for a quiet day.
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