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    The French Riviera (in my dreams)
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    Vintage movies (especially mysteries, horror, "soft" sci-fi, and the so-bad-they're good turkeys in every genre, which fill me with unparalleled delight and are my particular passion), interior decorating, education, Jewelry Television (heaven help me!), The Cote D'Azur, Provence, Lake Como, Santa Barbara, Palm Springs, Catalina Island, the Hudson River Valley, antiquarian stuff (old books, ancient coins, The British Museum, mummies, etc.), Jean Shepherd, Sherlock Holmes, Ealing Studios, Charlie Chan (Warner Oland and Sidney Toler), Alastair Sim as Scrooge, Robert Newton as Long John Silver, "The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh", The Honeymooners, Margaret Rutherford, Don Ameche, Jacques Tati, Robert Donat and Marlene Dietrich in "Knight Without Armour", Val Lewton, Billy Wilder, Picasso, "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir", The Twilight Zone, Hawaiian Eye, Tony Randall in "The 7 Faces of Dr. Lao", Alan Young in "The Time Machine", "Jason and the Argonauts", "Atlantis - The Lost Continent", Robert Armstrong as Carl Denham, German Expressionism, Fritz Lang, Hitchcock, John Ford, Howard Hawks, Antonioni, "My Dinner With Andre", Greer Garson and Laurence Olivier in "Pride and Prejudice", "La Dolce Vita", "Amacord", "I Know Where I'm Going", "A Tree Grows In Brooklyn", "The Uninvited", Buster Keaton, Abbott and Costello, Laurel and Hardy, pre-epic David Lean, Patrick McGoohan, Nancy Drew, Spin and Marty, Lassie, Soupy Sales (Pookie, Black Tooth, White Fang!), Claude Rains, Humphrey Bogart, Edward G. Robinson, James Cagney, "Dog Day Afternoon", "Twelve Angry Men", "Mean Streets", Father Ted, Paddy Chayevsky, hamburgers and french fries, Wisconsin bratwurst, meatloaf, short ribs, pot roast, old-school recipes full of fat and cholesterol (even though I try to eat healthy), "Goodbye, Columbus", "Crossing Delancey", "84 Charing Cross Road, Whit Stillman's "Metropolitan", time-travel, the pumpernickel bagels from Whole Foods, A Charlie Brown Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, diamonds and gemstones, YouTube's Rudy Valentino "All I Wanna Do Is Touch You" video, "Robot Monster", "Plan 9 From Outer Space", "Local Hero" (favorite moment is Victor's song, and it's on YouTube!), "Bananas", "Love and Death" ("Did you say....wheat?").

    I'm always on the quest for a good pizza.

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  1. Almost had me going there, Dargo, lol. I was (really!) breathless with anticipation until the second sentence. Just tell me how much the Whitestone Bridge is going for these days and I'll write you out a check.
  2. Mama Mia, Walter Slezak in 1925!! I always thought he was born looking like a middle-aged, overweight Viennese waiter. (along the lines of S. Z. Sakall -- hey, can anyone find a sexy photo of "Cuddles" in his Hungarian youth?) While I appreciate Dick Powell's hard-boiled, noir persona changeover in the mid-Forties, I have to say (small voice, lol) that I really enjoy him more in cute n' clever stuff like YOU NEVER CAN TELL and SUSAN SLEPT HERE.
  3. And TCM is running FLOWER DRUM SONG this Wednesday! As soon as James sat down at the piano and started playing that beautiful Japanese melody, I think that's when Victoria really began to "appreciate" him. God knows I would.
  4. James Shigeta....(sigh) Have had a crush on him ever since FLOWER DRUM SONG. You can keep Errol Flynn, Tyrone Power, et. al. Give me some Jimmie!!! In my opinion, one of the handsomest men in all moviedom. Just finished watching THE CRIMSON KIMONO. Eh, not too impressed with this movie but re: my above sentence, who cares, lol??
  5. I know, right? No wonder I kept falling asleep! But guess what? I found out THE SECOND WOMAN was on YouTube. Curiosity (and an **** personality) had me watching to the bitter end. (I also armed myself beforehand with a large cup of strong coffee) They say patience is a virtue and this quality is definitely needed here. Story combines elements of REBECCA, with some GASLIGHT thrown in for good measure. The pleasant, soothing, vanilla flavor of Robert Young works well in certain roles -- I'm thinking of CLAUDIA in particular -- but here he's just uninvolvingly bland. Even a so-called twist ending doesn't help.
  6. I love salami..... But never mind about that. I was trying to get through something called THE SECOND WOMAN (never heard of it before) which unceremoniously popped up on one of my local public broadcasting channels here in Boca. It's the third airing this week and I've fallen asleep halfway through each time. I mean, Robert Young and Betsy Drake -- scintillating!
  7. lol, that does say it all. Wonder what their livers looked like.
  8. And speaking of actors who went to pot, Bruce Cabot looked a big ragged, and this was only 1945.
  9. I've always liked FALLEN ANGEL -- in fact, it's one of my favorite Preminger movies, but wish like hell all of Faye's scenes were kept intact. Hate Zanuck for that sabotage. (and I say this as a Linda Darnell fan. One of the screen's great beauties who could also act).
  10. He makes Mickey Rooney look like Tarzan.
  11. Or ham and eggs. In every movie made after 1930 but before 1950 it seems.
  12. I can't believe it's Percy Helton either, lol.
  13. Look what I discovered! (and just saw BLONDE ICE -- loved it!) http://www.openculture.com/free_film_noir_movies
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