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    The French Riviera (in my dreams)
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    Vintage movies (especially mysteries, horror, "soft" sci-fi, and the so-bad-they're good turkeys in every genre, which fill me with unparalleled delight and are my particular passion), interior decorating, education, Jewelry Television (heaven help me!), The Cote D'Azur, Provence, Lake Como, Santa Barbara, Palm Springs, Catalina Island, the Hudson River Valley, antiquarian stuff (old books, ancient coins, The British Museum, mummies, etc.), Jean Shepherd, Sherlock Holmes, Ealing Studios, Charlie Chan (Warner Oland and Sidney Toler), Alastair Sim as Scrooge, Robert Newton as Long John Silver, "The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh", The Honeymooners, Margaret Rutherford, Don Ameche, Jacques Tati, Robert Donat and Marlene Dietrich in "Knight Without Armour", Val Lewton, Billy Wilder, Picasso, "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir", The Twilight Zone, Hawaiian Eye, Tony Randall in "The 7 Faces of Dr. Lao", Alan Young in "The Time Machine", "Jason and the Argonauts", "Atlantis - The Lost Continent", Robert Armstrong as Carl Denham, German Expressionism, Fritz Lang, Hitchcock, John Ford, Howard Hawks, Antonioni, "My Dinner With Andre", Greer Garson and Laurence Olivier in "Pride and Prejudice", "La Dolce Vita", "Amacord", "I Know Where I'm Going", "A Tree Grows In Brooklyn", "The Uninvited", Buster Keaton, Abbott and Costello, Laurel and Hardy, pre-epic David Lean, Patrick McGoohan, Nancy Drew, Spin and Marty, Lassie, Soupy Sales (Pookie, Black Tooth, White Fang!), Claude Rains, Humphrey Bogart, Edward G. Robinson, James Cagney, "Dog Day Afternoon", "Twelve Angry Men", "Mean Streets", Father Ted, Paddy Chayevsky, hamburgers and french fries, Wisconsin bratwurst, meatloaf, short ribs, pot roast, old-school recipes full of fat and cholesterol (even though I try to eat healthy), "Goodbye, Columbus", "Crossing Delancey", "84 Charing Cross Road, Whit Stillman's "Metropolitan", time-travel, the pumpernickel bagels from Whole Foods, A Charlie Brown Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, diamonds and gemstones, YouTube's Rudy Valentino "All I Wanna Do Is Touch You" video, "Robot Monster", "Plan 9 From Outer Space", "Local Hero" (favorite moment is Victor's song, and it's on YouTube!), "Bananas", "Love and Death" ("Did you say....wheat?").

    I'm always on the quest for a good pizza.

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  1. I used to get John Forsythe and Craig Stevens mixed up. Two good-looking men in a similar sort of way to me. The only film I've ever associated Joan Camden with is THE CATERED AFFAIR. She plays Debbie Reynolds' friend who can't afford a bridesmaid dress because her husband is out of work.
  2. Count me in as another who saw an IOTBS parallel. Eddie's recounting of how Bernard Herrmann implored the director to hire him was amusing. After being offered the apparently paltry sum of $10,000: "I've never been so insulted in my life!" I'm glad he refused because I did love the score by the composer they eventually chose.
  3. According to Lacey Chabert, "a little bit of this and a little bit of that" SPOILER She and the male lead tried to recreate Uncle Grady's magic but it didn't work. They actually lost first prize at the town Strudelfest! Yes, Hallmark went rogue!
  4. That darned Production Code.
  5. Christmas in Vail. I can't forget Uncle Grady's strudel recipe.
  6. Hallmark Christmas movies are truly frightening. I'm not a fan of conspiracy theories or into paranoia but I swear it seems like the scripts are written by aliens, lol. Did any of you see the one where a snowman comes to life as a handsomely bland Canadian actor? He drinks hot chocolate but doesn't melt.
  7. Strangely, I thought he actually looked better (and more like his father) as the Lipstick Killer in WHILE THE CITY SLEEPS, with the make-up. I wonder if the real storyline behind Judge's over-the-top sadism was because the sister was pregnant and Preston wanted her to get an abortion.
  8. THE BIG NIGHT, eh. Poor Jack Junior, inherited none of the Barrymore talent. Weird little movie. I wonder if Scorcese saw this -- that sidewalk scene with the beautiful nightclub singer reminded me a bit of Harvey Keitel's tentative overtures towards the African American go-go dancer in MEAN STREETS. Dorothy Comingore had what? Five minutes tops in this thing? I didn't find her memorable so I'm wondering what Eddie saw in order to tell us "she gives a vivid performance". In CITIZEN KANE yes, but not here.
  9. Forget that guilt stuff! It's not a movie TCM plays as much as something like A FACE IN THE CROWD, so be patient, lol.
  10. Lafitte, you've never seen NIGHTMARE ALLEY? Put it first thing on your must-see list for 2020! Ty is tremendously effective. He's surrounded by a terrific supporting cast -- Joan Blondell, Ian Keith, Helen Walker and Coleen Gray.
  11. Oh it just popped into my head (I resisted googling; need to exercise my Baby Boomer brain) -- ROSE OF WASHINGTON SQUARE. Ty looked nothing like the real Nicky Arnstein, thank God!
  12. Ha! Yes, we do! Oooh, and I'm also thinking of another Paula -- Ingrid Bergman in GASLIGHT.
  13. lol, I think a lot of ladies love Dennis just for his looks -- so how nice to discover he could act as well! And the voice.....(sigh) A triple threat. Mind you, I don't see him playing anything like Stanton Carlisle in NIGHTMARE ALLEY -- for me the thing that Tyrone had going for him was a somewhat serious, even saturnine persona that seemed to be appreciated even back in 1939 when he played an anti-hero in that movie (the title escapes me right now) which I believe was a thinly disguised biography of Fannie Brice. Power was the Nick Arnstein character.
  14. The same to you, lavender! Yep, I did know that was the character; just couldn't automatically connect Field with "Kitty" in WATERLOO BRIDGE as I was watching REPEAT PERFORMANCE. I knew she looked familiar, though....
  15. The remake did include Pard but I preferred the original HS doggie. HIGH SIERRA made Bogart (I'm a big fan too) a bone fide star; he brought a brittle, unsentimental yet genuine pathos to that role. Jack Palance, just.....no. And poor Shelley. Could not improve upon Ida Lupino.
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