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  1. The film is on YouTube. Allyson and Ferrer give great performances.
  2. How y'all doin'? Hope everyone is keeping fit and healthy during these still tremendously stressful and frustrating times.
  3. June Allyson's dark side!! And Jose is always brilliant expressing deep emotion.
  4. Unfortunately I had errands on that day and wasn't able to watch.
  5. LOL I know, "Flori-duh" The jury's still out on Ron tbh. But don't get me started on that, ha!
  6. lafitte, have you seen ARSENIC AND OLD LACE? Cary himself didn't think this was one of his better performances but I disagree -- in my opinion his so-called mugging is pitch-perfect! And talk about screwball (the theme of this play is: everybody is/goes mad in some form or another -- similiar to PSYCHO) and Grant's immensely talented kinetic comedy skills -- one of my favorite movies overall and for me a Halloween staple every year!
  7. Sounds like control-freak Cary all right, lol. And remember when Loretta Young was taken aback when he made a fuss over some minor business in THE BISHOP'S WIFE.
  8. Agree, Dougie. And of course Jackie Gleason made the absolute right choice hiring her for The Honeymooners. I can't imagine any other actress in that role going head-to-head with "Ralph" and holding her own opposite Gleason.
  9. lafitte, thanks for that nifty review of WEARY RIVER. Never seen it, but I'm a fan of Richard Barthelmess; in fact, I've always had a little crush on him.
  10. Hi, lavender! Thanks so much. And we had Poe Cottage! Very literary borough! We just might have all been shopping at one time or another in Alexanders or sitting next to each other during THE TEN COMMANDMENTS, THE FIVE PENNIES or THE HAUNTING. (that is, depending on your ages, lol) I grew up in the West Bronx on Aqueduct Avenue. We had a lovely park across the street. So many good memories.
  11. Thank you dear friend. Yours as well. I enjoyed sausage pizza with some crummy old horror movies, lol!
  12. To my dear friends here, have a safe, lovely and charming Valentine's Day!
  13. Hi, Swithin! Thank you. Believe it or not, I have never been to Arthur Avenue!
  14. Switching gears a bit, please indulge a melancholy and bittersweet mood. Here are some facts about my hometown even I didn't know:
  15. I stopped watching all the 24/7 cable "news". Reduced my blood pressure considerably.
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