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  1. King Rat, now that's a fascinating possibility with Shirley MacLaine as Sherry. She would have brought a quirky vulnerability to the part and a piquant sex appeal. Ginger was all over the place emotionally. It was hard for me to figure out just exactly who this woman was. I agree about the script making her look more the "innocent" (for lack of a better word) instead of some purely cynical, street-smart floozy, which on the other hand would have made Sherry more cliched noir-dame conventional. A year before this film was made Ginger played (to perfection in my book; others d
  2. I'm impressed by George in CYNTHIA as Elizabeth Taylor's put-upon father. Murphy has chemistry with Mary Astor who plays his wife. Good also in TOM, DICK AND HARRY as Ginger Rogers' ambitious car salesman boyfriend. My view is that he was an underrated dramatic actor who effectively specialized in upright (and uptight) businessmen-types in an almost similiar fashion to Rudy Vallee ( the latter excellent in THE PALM BEACH STORY, THE BACHELOR AND THE BOBBY SOXER, plus a nice turn as the doctor in I REMEMBER MAMA. And let's not forget HOW TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS WITHOUT EVEN TRYING) I c
  3. Lorne Greene is effectively sleazy in AUTUMN LEAVES with Joan Crawford. Definitely had the chops to exude a sinister side underneath that smooth, bland exterior. I love Brian Keith in anything. Ginger seemed like she was auditioning for a sequel to CAGED as one of the "colorful" inmates. She didn't do it for me here, unfortunately. That hair did not help. And her character never shut up. Robinson looked like a tired old frog. Must have been all the off-screen drama he was experiencing in his personal life.
  4. You got that synopsis correct, sir. I think the title is "One Royal Holiday". The female lead turns out to be a nurse who coincidentally looked after the prince's late father when the King was suddenly stricken with a Hallmark disease and had to be kept in the ICU at a Boston hospital. These really are an insult to one's intelligence, particularly the female audience. I tried sitting through "The Nine Kittens of Christmas" but just couldn't, so hightailed it to a Sex and the City marathon on E. Yes, I've noticed there are several "family" channels emulating the Hallmark "style"
  5. Not as charming as George Roy Hill's other coming-of-age movie THE WORLD OF HENRY ORIENT, but Lane and Bernard are very appealing as the young couple. This was one of Olivier's signature annoying old man roles, the others being, as memory serves, MARATHON MAN, THE JAZZ SINGER, and THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL.
  6. Is THE BLUES BROTHERS stretching it?
  7. Iol, I honestly do believe they've got a team to dream up those ridiculous kingdoms. I was watching an old one where the Prince is from "Galwick" -- the geography being somewhere in "the south of France". In this gem a prince and his Queen mum are stranded in a snowbound Connecticut town with only one person guarding them, the explanation being that during a time when the weather cleared up, the rest of their security team went back to Galwick. Can you imagine any royal family being left behind in this dangerous fashion? But have no fear -- these monarchs luck out when they mee
  8. The Prince/commoner storylines are the absolute worst, and I'm certain there will be new ones ground out this coming year.
  9. Thanks for bringing this one up, Dargo!
  10. A SUMMER PLACE, like SUSAN SLADE, has those unintentionally amusing and very American Puritan moral lectures to the audience -- "What do I tell my daughter? To be a half-virgin? "How do we speak to our children?" "Well, you can start by letting them know that they must accept the consequences of experimentation...."
  11. There's one scene where Dean seems to be really cracking up at Walter Brennan's Stumpy doing an imitation of John T. admonishing Feathers -- "I told you...." I wonder how many takes that took before Hawks just gave up and left it in, lol.
  12. "It's even better when you help" Angie of course channeling Bacall.
  13. Is anyone going to stuff their turkey with shredded wheat this Thanksgiving?
  14. lol, I love Don in BUS STOP. That character is supposed to be obnoxious, and Murray really brings him to life!
  15. "Goodnight, Boris" -- "Goodnight, Grisha" "Goodnight, Boris" -- "Goodnight, Sergei" Vicky: "I didn't say goodnight to Lermontov!" I'm a devoted Anton Walbrook fan -- love his many delicious, over-the-top, I might even say expressionistic, performances -- in this film, the original 1937 version of GASLIGHT, THE 49th PARALLEL, and in particular, QUEEN OF SPADES, among others.
  16. I was quite taken with Peter Bogdanovich's unexpectedly heartfelt responses -- normally I find him kind of creepy and opaque, but here he revealed his inner child when talking about Martin & Lewis. "They seemed to really like each other, and I just loved that..."
  17. My favorite Max Showalter moment is in 16 CANDLES, when Sam's family, on their way to her sister's wedding, get waylaid by the young Japanese exchange student they find sprawled out on the lawn in an obvious state of intoxication: "Heck, he's three sheets to the w-i-i (chuckle, chuckle, chuckle)-i-i-n-d!" The way Max incorporates his signature yuks between that one word is sheer genius, lol.
  18. I used to confuse them but then realized it was Dennis O'Keefe who always annoyed me.
  19. I think the character of George Loomis is Joseph Cotten's greatest performance. He brings so much genuine human emotion to that role, and yet is always a very subtle actor. Terrific and memorable as Uncle Charlie in SHADOW OF A DOUBT but people always seem to forget about NIAGARA.
  20. Randolph Scott!!! (myself and the citizens of Rock Ridge....)
  21. No one ever eats anything at a restaurant in movies. In MARNIE, Sean and Tippi order hot dogs and not only do not touch them but just take one sip of their coffee. Just one example out of many.
  22. How can I tell JOHNNY O'CLOCK is a Columbia film? Because "Amado Mio" is playing in the background of one scene. Who can forget Rita Hayworth's sublimely erotic rendition of it in GILDA? (more memorable to me than "Put The Blame On Mame", although the latter is thematically crucial) And at one point Ellen Drew wears an evening gown that looks like it was made for Hayworth. I am being somewhat facetious. The only performance truly worth noting in my opinion is Lee J. Cobb's. It's almost as though he were acting in another, more modern film, and not a noir. (or noir wanna-be,
  23. I used to confuse THE TALL TARGET with STATION WEST, both in my mind being Powell's "western noirs", although that might more accurately apply to STATION WEST. THE TALL TARGET could be described as "American historical noir". Would love to see them again, back to back, on a regular TCM schedule.
  24. Thanks re: THE TATTOOED STRANGER. I'll look out for it. Irena lived across from the famous Central Park Zoo (64th Street and 5th Avenue -- a lovely, posh, sophisticated address for a cat person) Yes, it is the "official" zoo for the city of Manhattan. Our Bronx Zoo is acknowledged as superior but again, not aesthetically "iconic" in filmdom.
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