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  1. Did anyone else think Gaby Rodgers resembled a cross between Barbara Barrie and Guiletta Massina? This was my first Mike Hammer. I always enjoy Ralph Meeker, Albert Dekker never fails to deliver, and I appreciated the early outre Aldrich touches. That ending, uh, really blew me away.
  2. Boy, that Mickey Spillane sure could write.
  3. It's interesting, Chris, in that I find the people who not only enjoy but truly love these Hallmark things are not a bunch of silly "flyover", simple-minded dunces but quite the contrary -- more likely than not workaholic, goal-oriented, detail-minded, well-educated people who have a hard time relaxing and so find great release with these movies, which are, in my opinion, mindless, dumb, cheesy yet soulless, and, as I like to say, Untouched By Human Hands, lol. I don't know how anyone can invest themselves emotionally in the stories yet many seem to. More power to them!
  4. Oh Dougie I always appreciate your generous comments -- I think we all have been or are in a lonely place (not as bad as Dix Steele however) and most especially nowadays. This pandemic is sort of a "blessing" (mixed of course) for me, in that since the entire world has slowed down and things in general just aren't getting done, I can more or less "coast" a bit on these unexpected events. It Came From Beneath Hallmark -- I have so much time on my hands (as many others) to be able to actually monitor the incredibly lazy (and scarily Pavlovian, if you think about it) scripts on this chann
  5. Hey, Dougie! My thoughts on Danny Kaye is that a little of him goes a long, long way, lol. Your devil/angel trope is so on point in this regard. Re: ON THE RIVIERA (I long for that 1950's Cote d'Azur atmosphere), he's subtle and sophisticated singing "Balling The Jack" and then we get "Popo the Puppet". Although, whether we like it or not, that was the uniqueness of Kaye -- he appealed to both adults and children. Oh, God, Hackmark....I passed over Never Kiss a Man in a Christmas Sweater but checked out Christmas with the Darlings. Would you believe (said in Don Adams' voice)
  6. Chris, thank you so much. I don't know about the divine part, lol. If I remember correctly (please forgive the old Boomer brain), you're a fellow Libra, so please accept my horribly belated birthday wishes to you. Your sentiments mean a lot to me.
  7. Sans, oh thank you my friend. What a sweet fuzzy baby. But she's got strength too. I only hope I can do the same.
  8. Dougie, I can't tell you how much this warms my heart. Thomasina will protect me! Thank you.
  9. Oh lafitte, thank you so much. Don't worry about the computer. Love you, my friend.
  10. My friend! My friend! I am humbled by your generous comments and feel so grateful for your support. Thanks.
  11. Your encouragement and support mean so much to me, Miss. G. Thank you.
  12. Thank you my friends. Dougie, I would be honored to see and hear the birthday aria.
  13. I love when Eddie went: "Wanna ride in my SCHQUAD CAAAHR?"
  14. midwestan, I'm so sorry for my late reply, but I've been going through some rough s**t lately. (pardon my French) Thanks for all that detail on Craig -- much appreciated. I have to confess that I actually do prefer the voices of Ned Sparks and/or Andy Devine over James -- please forgive me, but I'm open to seeing the other films you mention.
  15. Hi, guys. I'm still here. Just going through a rough personal patch right now, and hopefully will emerge triumphant on the other side by the first of November. It's touch and go at this moment. Don't mean to sound overly dramatic, but, I'll see you soon. Thanks for your patience.
  16. Although Zachary Scott is a bit underweight for my particular taste, I do think he's got charisma. Someone I'd like to sit down with and shoot the breeze about film and life in general. I do appreciate that Scott tried to expand his versatility with Jean Renoir's THE SOUTHERNER.
  17. midwestan, can you recommend any James Craig movies to me other than KITTY FOYLE and THE DEVIL AND DANIEL WEBSTER? (he's good in the latter) I've tried to like him but his voice is a bit tough to take.
  18. I can sort of see it. Her teeth. Interesting resume -- CAT CREATURE and Betty Broderick, two individuals you definitely don't want to mess with.
  19. Faye Emerson's fivehead always gets in my way. Never noticed George Brent's rear end but I think it's time I did. I don't think Zachary Scott even had one. He was too skinny.
  20. Fred MacMurray always reminded me of that cartoon boy Henry, mixed with some type of saurian creature from a sci-fi movie. I don't love bunnies. They are soft and fluffy but lack personality. Harvey, however, is the exception.
  21. I'll have to check him out in that again. Certainly better than dour Fred MacMurray in the remake.
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