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  1. Thank you!! I love your screen name by the way. I really need to change my screen name. As much as I love Kubrick's films, my screen name is quite bad.
  2. I agree that the love story in Titanic isn't subtle because you see it coming but it's the way that it was done that made it tragic and effective. I personally found the love story in this film to be more beliveable then any other love story in the history of film. I found it a more well developed love connection then Brief Encounter (1945). As much as I love David Lean's other films, I found that love story in this film to be cliched and just as poorly developed as The Notebook (2004). I just hated how the two lead characters kept saying, "I love you" troughout the second half of the movie. I
  3. I know that somebody on the TCM board is going to complain about this film being shown eventually and while I don't think that's a bad thing nor do I mean it as an insult. I personally love this film and I'm glad that TCM is airing it. Sure, it's already been shown a hundred other times on every channel but at least we have many great classic films to go along with it which you won't get on other channels. Of course, it's already avaible on DVD too but I guess you get my point. The fact is that TCM cares about film history and will continue to show films from all eras. I personally feel th
  4. I guess that I will be the only one on the board who will care about this thread. Maybe everyone else will accuse the movie of being too recent to be aired on TCM. I don't think that John Hughes was the greatest director who ever lived but I do think that he was gifted at what he did which was coming of age comedy. I'm happy that TCM is paying their respects to the writer/director. He may be no Elia Kazan or Howard Hawks but I do think he made an impact on cinema in the 80s. His teen films are still relevant today and all of the teen movies today wouldn't excist without his films. Weather you
  5. I just want to know if anybody else is a fan of this actress on the TCM board. Even though she won an oscar, I still feel that she is very underrated. I know that she isn't as well respected as Bette Davis or Katherine Hepburn but I think she's a good actress and I am glad that TCM are playing some of her films this week. I wish that more of her films would be relased on DVD. Edited by: Kubrickbuff on Oct 20, 2009 9:46 PM
  6. John Hughes was a genius. I consider him the modern day Frank Capra. TCM should do a salute to him and here is a line up of films that I recommend. 8:00 PM Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986). 10:00 PM Planes, Trains And Automobiles (1987). 12:00 AM The Breakfast Club (1985). 2:00 AM Sixteen Candles (1984). 4:00 AM She's Having A Baby (1988). Message was edited by: Kubrickbuff
  7. The point is the TCM is the only channel that truly loves movies and shows its audiences the history of film. From the popular to obsure titles to the older and more recent titles. You can't get that on other channels. It's that simple yet everyone still can't seem to figure it out.
  8. TCM really cares about the history of film and that's why they show films from all decades and from each generation. You can't get that on other channels. Saving Private Ryan is an important moment in film from a very important filmmaker in history.
  9. Of course Saving Private Ryan belongs on TCM because it's a great film.
  10. I guess that a lot of people don't like romance movies anymore but it's my favorite genre. I get made fun of a lot for enjoying Roman Holiday, Casablanca, Bringing Up Baby, Now Voyager. I also love Jerry Maguire and Titanic too, I don't care what people say, those films are great. I guess that romance films are considered campy and cliche now days. No offence to you art house fans but I can't stand Citizen Kane. It's ironic that I am bashing art house films when my screen name is Kubrickbuff.
  11. This is a great movie, enough said. Anyone else agree with me?
  12. Except me of course. I think that I am the only one who doesn't see a problem with TCM airing newer movies. Heck, they could air 50 movies from the 90s a month and I still wouldn't care. As long as they continue to air as many older movies as well. I want to see the history of film, that's why I watch TCM.
  13. The movie works for what it is and it's certainly a movie of its time. Marlon Brando is my favorite actor and I will see anything that he was in so I will say that I liked it.
  14. I know that nobody cares but the filmmaker turns 70 today. I know that he hasn't made a decent movie in years but you can't deny that he is a legend. What's your favorite Coppola film? Mine is the obvious choice, The Godfather Part Two.
  15. It never ends does it? I am sure that lzcutter or someone else has explained many times why TCM plays newer movies but you people still don't get the point. Do we have to explain it again?
  16. Thanks lzcutter for explaining it to me. What you said made perfect sense to me. It's nice to have people like you on this board to explain the true meaning of Turner Classic Movies.
  17. A film is not a classic if nobody has herd of it. TCM plays the films that are classics, that's what the C stands for. You're right, Little Princess is not a classic but then again neither are most of the silent movies. But I could be wrong, maybe any movie can be a classic. Well, almost every movie.
  18. It's not called Turner Old Movies, it's called Turner Classic Movies. They play movies that are loved by many people all over the world. There are a lot of old movies that no one has herd of. How can a movie be a classic if hardly anybody has herd of it? Could someone explain that to me?
  19. I never understood why many people on these boards complain about this. I see older movies on TCM all the time, hardly do I ever see anything more recent so I don't understand why you feel the need to complain. To be honest, I prefer more films from the modern era but I do like a lot of older films as well I think that more films from the 70s, 80s and 90s have become more classics then the films from the 30s and 40s. Heck, even avearage comides like Ferris Bueller's Day Off have made more of an impact on film history. They have become more popular and more loved around the world. How can a
  20. I was praying for her while she was in the hospital on that day. It's such a tragic loss. I think that her work in films and stage was perfect and will never be forgotten. I enjoyed every film that she was in.
  21. But he didn't intend for what happend to those children so what's your point? Yes, he made a mistake but he was just following his vision. He orderded the helicopter to go lower because that's what he wanted. I do agree that he shouldn't have had the kids working but I am not going to blame him because he didn't intend for it to happen.
  22. John Landis was just doing his job. What happend was an accident, people make mistakes. I do think that it was wrong for Landis to hire the two children illegally but we all do stupid things at some point in our lives. He didn't intend for it to happen. Things like this happen all the time in hollywood, people make the wrong choices but for some reason only Landis is accused of murder. What happend was sad and painful to think about but I won't blame anybody for what happend because nobody intended for it to happen.
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