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  1. All of his films up to Psycho were good to me, all the films that he made after that were ok but flawed. I can't belive that you think that Vertigo, Rear Window and North by Northwest are terrible but it's your opinion. I think that Hitchcock was a master at using color, him and Kubrick were. I do love his early black & white films, Notorious and Shadow of a Doubt being my favorites.
  2. Congratulations everyone, I am sad that no one voted for me but at least you all liked my schedule and that's all that matters to me. I liked all of your schedules and I want to thank Kyle for inspiring all of us to come up with some interesting ideas. I will try to return again for the next challenge, I can't promise though but I hope to see all of you return again.
  3. Thank you for voting for me Bonniebelle, I am glad that someone likes my schedule and welcome to the board. Your vote is greatly appreciated.
  4. I think that Web is just having fun too, the part where he said that a classic means that it's new, it's obvious that he is joking there and when he said that it's called Tuner New Movies, no doubt that is ment to be a joke.
  5. Movies are not just cheap entertainment, they are supposed to make you think about the world and human beings and think about life and I just don't see that in the films from the 40s, all I see is cheap entertainment and that's all I see in todays movies too, film is an art form and it should be judged like a painting or music. I understand that they did the best that they could back in those days and I respect them for that but it doesn't change the fact that movies from the 40s look cheap to me, they didn't have the visual beauty that came along in the 50s. I like to watch movies to escape i
  6. If I see a movie from the 90s on the schedule then that doesn't shock or bother me. The 90s is a generation that has already passed so it's ok if TCM shows films from the 90s, but when I see The Lord of the Rings on the schedule then that shocks me, that movie is only 4 years old, they should wait untill the next decade untill they play that but showing a movie from the 90s is ok, I prefer it but please no movies from today. I really like The Lord of the Rings by the way and those movies have already become classics so there is a part of me that doesn't see why they shouldn't play it but I jus
  7. I'm confused, is this supposed to be a joke or are you being serious? I would say that I prefer movies from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, I don't care for the movies from the 40s and 30s and I don't care for a lot of the movies that come out today either. It's not that they are in black in white that bothers me because there are some black and white movies that I really like but they look so cheap, it looks like they just pointed a camera at something and shot it without puting any depth in the lighting, they look like snuff films. I think when filmmakers like Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Ku
  8. Can we stick to the point here? Kim really wants this and I am begging you all to help her out, it's the least that you can do. I already contacted TCM about it and I hope that they reply. Come on you guys, it may not be that important to you but it's important to her and I need you yo help out in any way that you can. Can you at least do it for her?
  9. Hello everyone, it's Kubrickbuff. I want you all to take the time and help my freind kimpunkrock beome a guest programmer on TCM. She really wants this, it's her dream and I won't rest untill I can make it happen for her, I am asking you all to reply to this thread and let's all think of a way we can make Kim's dream come true. This is really important to her, please help out in anyway that you can. Kim, you rock. Thanks, Michael
  10. Hey Kim, I have sent you a message on myspace, have you read it yet, I don't mean to bother you or anything, just curious.
  11. What's next, a reamke of North by Northwest starring Jude Law? Even the independent movies today are terrible, it's not just hollywood, everything today sucks, televsion sucks too.
  12. OK, here is my schedule. There is really nothing much to say about it, I am in love with Buster Keaton so I wanted to show a whole day of his films and I think that technology becoming man kinds new state of mind and our new flesh is a very interesting subject so I picked that and I also picked the movies that inspired me as a kid which you will see under the Action Adventure program and I put some tributes to my favorite filmmakers on the schedule like George Cukor and Frank Capra. I know that you will all hate this schedule and judge me for some of the films that I chose but oh well, I can l
  13. I love the 50s, do you like any David Lean films? I am currently studying The Bridge on the River Quai in film class. I like some films from the 30s and 40s, Bringing Up Baby and Notorious being a couple but I don't care for most films of that era. Sorry for likeing the modern day stuff like Kubrick and Coppola.
  14. I saw the promo but I didn't get to see the whole thing because I had to go do something but I liked what I saw. Tell me about this film, It All Came True, haven't seen it, has TCM ever played it and will they play it so I can see it. I liked seeing Bogart smile in that footage that I saw from the film. What's the film about?
  15. Well, that's a hard one, I like all of Hitchcock's films up to The Birds, I don't care for the movies that he made after that all though Marnie was a pretty interesting movie. My favorites are Notorious, Rear Window, Vertigo, North by Northwest, Dial M for Murder and Shadow of a Doubt, I will add Psycho too. I like all of Kubrick's films except for Spartacas but my favorites are, Dr. Stragelove, A Clockwork Orange, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Eyes Wide Shut (underrated movie), The Shining, Paths of Glory and Barry Lyndon. How about you, what are your favorites? Hitchcock and Kubrick are my favorite
  16. What was the puplic access show about and good luck on your book, I wish that I was a writer.
  17. Thanks, I am just so jelaous of you because you know so much about film and I know nothing and you have all these people giving you attention and I never had a single freind in my life. Thank you for saying that. I do love classic films though but I prefer movies from the 50s all the way up to the 90s rather then the 30s and 40s so I hope people don't hate me for not likeing His Girl Friday.
  18. Yes, it is a great movie and I can't find it anywhere so I hope that they show it. I watch TCM for the films of the 50s and David Lean is one of my idols.
  19. Thanks for the reply and your kind words FrankGrims, I love Vertigo, Alfred Hitchcock is one of my heros. Glad someone will talk to me around here too.
  20. Everybody loves Kim, **** me off that no one ever talks to me. Oh Yeah, who cares about me, I am just a Kubrick freak, everybody hates a Kubrick freak. Oh well, Kim deserves it. He is a better person then I will ever be so he deserves it. Message was edited by: Kubrickbuff Message was edited by: Kubrickbuff
  21. Do you know when it should air again, I would love to see it. I don't like tattos though, I am very uptight about my skin.
  22. No, I don't think that a classic has to do with age because there are plenty of old movies that have been forgotten. I just like to watch TCM for films of the 50s and I can watch 90s films on DVD but just because it's old doesn't mean that it's a classic, I hate the term classic, there are no classics, only great films.
  23. I'm confused, what's this all about?
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