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  1. indeed! like i said....very easy. i chose him because i was doing a paper on him, and when i looked at his wikepedia bio.... it was one of the longest i had ever read. good job your turn karith
  2. it is not john houseman.... but he did work closely with the person in question.
  3. so here is an easy one.... this person was declared a child prodigy.... and later in life would have a brilliant film career in the us and europe. this person has one of the longest bios i have ever read.
  4. oh yes....i forgot they both went to dewitt clinton high school and i think the term colourful, tipped me off..... that was a term my great grandmother used to describe her son..... she always thought it sounded more pleasant...... strange but i guess no more than how the term gay originated......which really means happy.... cheers karith
  5. are you speaking of... george cukor and stanley kramer? both were from new york both were nominated for best director but only cukor won the oscar.... cukor was known for his sunday parties.... and both worked with tracy/hepburn....
  6. sorry for not posting....i am in the middle of moving... if someone would like to post that would be great.... thanks for the wonderful question by the way:) karith
  7. are you talking about jean the"vitagraph dog" the first dog hero here manager would be laurence trimble. and after her death in 1916, he later went on to work with another dog star "strongheart" both paved the way for later stars like rin tin tin, lassie, and airbud this is my daughters favorite genre of film... karith
  8. sorry dan i meant to post the answer last night, but my daughter got sick. after you mentioned zasu, i narrowed it down. funny movie, i loved ginger rogers character. . karith
  9. i know this is probably wrong, but this is all i got... it reminds me of a movie i saw a long time ago. i think it was "dames" i can't remember too much about the film i was just a id when i saw it.. but there ya go karith:)
  10. nice job dan. Morocco is correct... you are on a role....there is a new king in town your turn karith
  11. good guess but it isn't "personal best" but here's another hint this movie was selected to the national film registry, library of congress, in 1992. karith:)
  12. thanks dan. so do i have to do one now? if so, would you mind if i pass on my turn. you are much better at that than i am. really i just like guessing as long as everybody is okay with that. karith
  13. great job dan!!! i knew that would be too easy..... your turn karith
  14. FINALLY!!!!! man this one was sooooo good dan. this has literally been driving me nuts,no joke it was really about to get me. but here it is.... drum roll please:) LANE CHANDLER!!!!!!!!!!!!! karith:)
  15. man have i become addicted? okay who am i? as well as being a director, i have had my share of time in front of the camera. (although some are uncredited.) i have been in movies with the likes of gary cooper, bob hope, and gloria swanson. who am i? karith
  16. great guess dan, but it is a bit later than 1926. the actress in this film fought to keep the kiss in the movie. karith
  17. hmmmm well i thought this was easy. this movie is noted to be "culturally significant" due to the fact it features a women to women kiss. karith
  18. wait checked into rehab, after a near lethal drug addiction. okay that it:)
  19. afternoon dan, you are Peter Greene born in Montclair, Nj. you stand 6 feet 3 inches you were trained at the lee strasberg theater institute, where you were in several plays before going into film the improvised scene is from "usual suspects" where you flicked a lit cigarette into stephen baldwins face. the actor you got "up close and personal" with was Ving Rhames, in pulp fiction, a memorable scene where you play a character named "ZED" and you do have publicized demons (although i can't seem to find anything) thanks karith
  20. hmm well then i have 2 others. joe pantoliona-although he may not be tall enough allen garfield- little iffy on his "personal demons"
  21. scratch that last post.... i'm smart enough to figure this out. this is an extremely easy one..... this movie is noted to be culturally significant for a kiss between 2 women. there ya go very easy karith
  22. i love getting things right.... i have no idea how to play this one... would you mind explaining it.... karith
  23. hi dan, this is a good one, most of his movies deal with social misfits, but the one i am thinking of is "atame" which in english is supposed to be "tie-me-up,tie-me-down" and although i have never been able to figure out what atame means, i always thought it was "love" it just looks similar to the french version of "love" which i believe is "ataime" well now that i have broken down my theory..... wow long post karith
  24. although i don't think he was in a chaplin film... but he did start essanay studios with George K. Spoor. and they worked with chaplin, and a variety of other famous film stars of that period. karith
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