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  1. this is a very very huge shot in the dark. but here it is. Gilbert M. "broncho billy" Anderson karith
  2. Dan you are right!!!! he is one of my favorites also.... that was a great movie.....i made it easy, cause i actually just like to guess.. it's too much pressure asking the questions:) your turn karith
  3. who said this and in what movie. " I'm gonna kill you. I am going to kill you. Not now. Not tonight. That would be too easy." karith:)
  4. hey dan- duh i just rented this last week..... my memory is terrible. scarlett johansen- in woody allens "matchpoint" i hope. cause i just put all my eggs in one basket...if this is wrong i got nothin karith
  5. just a guess.... i think his name is Pierce Lyden.... i only know that because he is in a book i got my father about old westerns, and i was shocked at what a career he had. karith
  6. was it in "the sting" i think it may have been robert redford. wild guess karith
  7. my goodness i just saw that..... how silly of me to forget. karith
  8. hey sorry they edited me....but hopefully you know the movie title... what's new @ussy cat?
  9. well if i can jump in... i know this is wrong, but i figured nobody has replied and there are no new hints... soooo is it from "what's new **** cat?" the woody allen flic.... i am really stumped, i could think of a about 10 movies where this line could fit, but i can't seem to be able to put my finger on the decade. so there's is a shot in the dark. thanks Dan. Karith:)
  10. or is he the "chairman of the board" either way i believe it is Sinatra... maybe ocean11 or robin and the 7 hoods.... they are both kinda mixed in my head right now:) karith
  11. i know this is a complete shot in the dark, but it almost reminds me of something from "oceans 11" with Sinatra....didn't he call the "rat pack" his board of directors.... like i said very wild guess. karith
  12. yes woooooooo.... i think maybe that was a bit obscure.....my fault sorry. i sometimes forget that one of my favorite movies might not be someone else's. sorry about that....that took a while, i am messing up the whole flow. i guess i just thought more people had seen it. thanks Dan your turn
  13. it was not Robert Redford..... so that leaves Paul newman...... it is a lesser know film of his, before he did the sting... and includes an actor from "paint your wagon"
  14. the line isn't from paint your wagon, but one of the actors is. as to paul newman or robert redford? it is one of those two answering the question. we also have boss from "cool hand luke" in this movie. and a young actor that will later go on to be big in television. it was earlier than the sting. hint: this is not as famous of a movie as it should be, or was projected to be. here also is some more to the conversation. "well goats have horns?!" " what do you want with the horns?" "i like to stick em in things."
  15. no it was later than that......but earlier than "the sting" wink wink
  16. your clue makes me think of Cool Hand Luke the guard that wore the glasses and you never see his eyes ..... nice job:) You are correct that is who i am referring to....but it is his boss in "cool hand luke" that has a role in this film...(although he is not in this scene, he is a very important part of the plot) you are definitely on the right track.... i don't believe this movie has been on recently.... the answer was not really ignored...but they did immediately start talking over prices.... ask yourself prices for what? (refer back to previous posts) hint: there are 3 people i
  17. hint: it features the "the man with no eyes" boss.... and a "hunter" i hope this will help.
  18. norbel... good guess but no.... it was quite a bit later. another hint: the person in question is used to playing it "cool" and in this film is portraying a more naive character.
  19. oops your right sorry....still new to this okay... the character is replying to this question. "then what do you want with horns?" reply "i like to stick em in things" the speaker appeared in this movie along side an actor that they had previously worked with,( in one of thier most notable performances.) this person had also worked with the director on several other occasions. i hope this is not still to vague karith
  20. pressures on... although this may be to easy and i don't think i can stump you here goes nothin movie and who said it "i like to stick em in things" the character is replying to a question, when asked about something they are looking for.
  21. Oh a good one "42nd street" 1933 i think it may have been dick powell saying it. karith
  22. i think you might be refering to "the Godsend" from 1980, it is kind of a rip off of the omen....but i think that might be it. good luck karith
  23. darn it, i knew i gave away a bit too much info in the hint. but cheers, that was easy. i have a feeling it will take a lot to stump you next time i will try to make it super hard. congrats karith
  24. "Do you hate them?" "No, but i seem to feel better when they're not around." A hint: what you get with a drunk, two "sex symbols", and Rocky's brother.
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