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  1. okie dokie, hmmm i guessing it can be anything, so here we go, name the movie, and the screenwriter, "Do you hate them?" "No, but i seem to feel better when they're not around."
  2. thanks.....hooray!!!!!!!! the name is karith. i haven't done many message boards, unless i have a problem.... but this is pretty addictive. i was thinking about this all day. so how does this work? do you just post a question? speaking of, i have a post in this "trivia" section, it's under help.....should be a few days ago. check it out if you might be able to help. i gotta a good movie line.... but like i said i don't know how this works.... long post, i'm done cheers karith
  3. holy moly!!!! duh, i just saw it. "little miss sunshine" steve carell....... when the son was writing about going with them...... at least i think that's it.
  4. i don't know if i am allowed to jump in, but i am thinking it was Jim Carrey, from "eternal sunshine of the spotless mind." now i know it was nominated about 48 times for different things, but i don't think it was best picture. although it did win best screenplay. the only other thing i could think that it would be other than that is tom hanks in "cast away." but the whole inner monologue thing is kinda tricky.
  5. thats what i was thinking to, or maybe pat and mike.... but at 4 in the morning i woke up with a revelation.... i think it was Aunti Mame, with rosalind.....i think it was her 2nd husband perhaps, the one that falls of the mountain. anyone agree?
  6. there is a movie in which a couple refer to each other as "pallie" or "palley", depending on your spelling preference. i think it might be Bacall, but i am also leaning towards Hepburn. i can't seem to figure this out to save my life and have been doing research for going on 6 hours now. so if anyone might know what i am talking about please help.
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