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  1. I don't think Nick Clooney could be an option because he is only 2 years younger than Robert O. (N.C. was born in 1934 while R.O. was Born in 1932) so I do think they need to pick a replacement young enough to be around awhile. As much as I would love to think we would have RO for 10 more years he would be 86 then so I don't know. Maybe Pierce Bronson would be a good choice. He is only in his 50's and he does have that sophisticated style. I am not crazy about Baldwin and I wasn't all that crazy with his interview with Gene Wilder (whom I Love) but now don't be mad guys..Opinions are like bell
  2. I was reading an earlier post about how many of our stars from the classic era that are left are aging and won't be with us much longer. This got me to thinking....I know TCM without our beloved Mr. Osbourne is something many of us don't want to imagine but he is getting older & even in the best health may want to retire before long. I enjoy Ben Mankowitz on the weekends but lets face it he is a complete opposite from Osbourne. I would like to see Robert Osbourne succeeded (I don't dare say replaced..LOL) by someone more like himself. Dignified but not "stuffy" with a similar knowledge of
  3. I just wanted to write and tell everyone how pleased I was that TCM played this movie. I had never seen it and I must say it was wonderful. I now have yet another favorite in my collection. Did anyone else notice how Thelma Ritter disappeared in the movie with no explanation? Where did she go? One minute she was warning "Margo" about the evil Eve and the next minute poof she was gone. I thought for a second that evil Eve had killed her. LOL Also, when Anne Baxter & George Sanders were walking down the sidewalk they didn't use extras...they just added them to a scene of people walking with
  4. Oh, Thank You so much...TCM viewers are so smart. Well, some are...LOL.
  5. Tonight Robert O. introduced "Rear Window" as being part of a collection of 6 "lost Hitchcock films" that had supposedly belonged to his daughter at one time. What were the other 5? I have searched the net and can't seem to find any info about any such "lost movies".
  6. Sorry for the repost Message was edited by: phelps
  7. Kim,You know I love Cary like you love Bogey. In fact, you know the picture I did of you and Bogey? I did one of me and Cary from "His Girl Friday" by replacing my face with Rosalind Russells. It looks pretty realistic. Has anyone mentioned "Penny Serenade"? I love that movie. I have found a lot of his DVD's including Serenade at Walmart for $1. People have no appreciation for the classics. Check your Walmart $1 DVD section for hidden treasures. Message was edited by: phelps
  8. Was my post edited? Several sentences were deleted. I had said that I felt the subject matter of the movie could have been relayed without the graphic footage. Then the last line of my post made reference to Silence of the Lambs and the fact that although you did not see the cannibalism you knew it was taking place and it still was creepy. That is not verbatim but enough intact that I don't know why it was removed.
  9. I have requested this movie for over a year. I had never seen it but watched the previews and thought it looked like an adorable movie. I love Debbie Reynolds and I had heard this was her favorite of all her movies. I guess I can say it is mine now too. Did anyone else see it and love it?
  10. Did anyone else notice terrible sound quality with the movie "Raging Bull"? It was not my TV because the sound was fine before and after the movie but it was if the actors were mumbling or whispering.
  11. Call me ignorant but I had never heard of the play or the movie Equus. I really don't know what I had expected and I am usually not a queasy person when it comes to movies. There are however 2 subject matters that I absolutely cannot watch...sex involving children or animals. I realize this movie was nominated for best actor, best supporting actor, Best Writing, & Screenplay and I must hand it to the actor Peter Firth because he was believable (i am having nightmares...LOL). Why did I not turn the channel? I missed the beginning of the movie and started watching when the boy was naked in
  12. That is not true at all! OK, I will give you the genre remark because "underground" is not at all a genre but then again I am not sure TCM advertises it as one. As far a way to attract a younger audience...I believe its purpose is more to satisfy fans of the B cult classic films. Now, if you are not aware of a fan base for such films then do some research. There are sites all over the net dedicated to these films. One of my favorites is Brians Drive in Theater at... http://www.briansdriveintheater.com/index.html I don't particularly like the way the Underground selection varies from horror t
  13. Yes, Kim is a sweet person. I have got to know her through myspace. I should clarify this is not an "official contest" for an underground host. I just thought it would be a good idea if we wrote the "powers that be" and let them know we would really like a host again and it would be nice to have someone real and deserving to do the job. It would be so fun to watch her become successful at this and be a celebrity because she is so appreciative of everything. You Go Girl!
  14. Not to toot my own horn but I a a Thin Man Nick & Nora fanatic so I made a little video to the tune of "Love Will Keep Us Together".... http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=OqTMLyd6L5I Also, if you are interested I have a MySpace page with some classic film stuff (pics n music) at.... http://www.myspace.com/liloleme34 I Hope You Enjoy watching them as much as I enjoy making them!
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