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  1. Not counting all the foreign Zorro movies made in Mexico, Italy, Turkey and Spain, people seem to forget one American Zorro movie, first one made in color too: THE BOLD CABALLERO starring Robert Livingston made in 1936.
  2. Was watching the TCM telecast of the 1957 movie THE CYCLOPS and for a cable network that says all its movies are uncut and commercial free...well commercial free yes,but not uncut or unedited. A few seconds of THE CYCLOPS are missing in TCM's version of the film. The scene when the torch is thrown into the Cyclops one eye and the killing of Lon Chaney Jr's character are not shown. BTW: when WB put the On Demand DVD of THE CYCLOPS for sale, the first version they released was the same edited version TCM shows. But people who had seen the movie in theaters and on TV Creature Feature sh
  3. I've seen thousands of movies, probably every genre you can name, and every now and then I find out about a movie I have never seen and want to remedy that. One such film is the musical comedy RHYTHM OF THE ISLANDS, a 1943 Universal film starring Allan Jones, Andy Devine and Jane Frazee. It's only about an hour long and hopefully TCM can get their hands on a copy and show it.
  4. The creatures in GREEN SLIME were green so it may not be that film Also shown in April was WILD WILD PLANET, a 1960's Italian sci-fi movie made for US TV but released theatrically. That may be the movie you sae part of. (Pretty sure it had ray guns).
  5. Any thread about worse Horror movies has to include THE CREEPING TERROR and MANOS, HAND OF FATE.
  6. TCM keeps showing the same video of THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD. I hear the current DVD release has a better overall picture and if you watch the print TCM shows, you can tell that one part that was edited out previously and added back has a noticable drop in picture quality (when Kenneth Tobey's character is called to see his commanding officer at the beginning of the film). TCM needs to upgrade to a better quality picture of THE THING. Also TCM showed an edited version of THE CYCLOPS with Gloria Talbott that was missing a scene or two. WB On Demand originally put out the edited vers
  7. Looks like TCM is taking a month off in August from showing the Saturday afternoon serial and Tarzan films but will return to showing them come September.
  8. Thanks TCM for showing SCREAMING EAGLES over the Memorial Day weekend. Haven't seen this film since it was first released in 1956 but I remember that it starred quite a few TV stars from the 1950's. Tom Tryon played Texas John Slaughter for Disney on TV; Jan Merlin was in the TV sci-fi series "Tom Corbett, Space Cadet". Martin Milner starred on "Adam 12" and Pat Conway was the star of the western series "Tombstone Territory". Definitely a "B" war movie with obvious studio sets but I enjoyed seeing it again after all these years.
  9. I wonder if TCM still has to wait before they can officially show the Universal Horror films and that is why they don't have any scheduled this year. But fans of Hammer Films can rejoice as most of the major Hammer horror films will be shown in October 2010.
  10. Well, TCM did show the two Tarzan movies (sort of a tribute to Woody Strode day) and also two Bomba films with Johnny Sheffield. I hope this means TCM has all the Tarzan and Bomba movies in their film library and one day soon will show the other films with Lex Barker, Gordon Scott, Jock Mahoney and Mike Henry plus the other Bomba movies.
  11. Sorry I didn't attend the TCM film festival but some further information. DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS the movie starred Howard Keel and Nicole Maurey. The movie is based on the novel of the same name, written in 1951 by the English science fiction author John Wyndham. Although Wyndham had already published other novels, this was the first published under the John Wyndham pen-name. It established him as an important writer, and remains his best known novel. Wyndham also wrote "The Midwich Cuckoos" which was turned into the movie VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED starring George Sanders, which has been shown
  12. The good news is Disney's making an official version titled JOHN CARTER OF MARS. The bad news was that the novel itself, "A Princess of Mars" is in the public domain so Asylum was able to make their version.
  13. And of course having Lloyd Bridges of Sea Hunt fame star was a plus.
  14. TCM has two Tarzan movies listed for August. Let's see if they actually show them this time. Neither are among the best Tarzan films though. TARZAN'S FIGHT FOR LIFE with Gordon Scott TARZAN'S THREE CHALLENGES with Jock Mahoney.
  15. You might want to request TCM get it and show it. I don't think it's been shown on TV in ages. I remember seeing MAGNETIC MONSTER quite a few times back in the 1960's but not since then. It's one of those early 1950's sci-fi films that seems to have disappeared when channels started going for the newer films.
  16. BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN would be a much better picture if James Whale had edited out much of Una O'Connor's overacting hysterics. I still think the first FRANKENSTEIN is a better film. As to best Universal film overall with a stellar cast: THE WOLF MAN.
  17. ...and it's about time! Hopefully it wont be long before they release the Gordon Scott, Jock Mahoney and Mike Henry films too! It would be nice if TCM was able to get the rights to show all the major Tarzan films!
  18. Most of the actors in ATOMIC SUBMARINE had good careers before making this film. Dick Foran was a western star and even starred in Universal's MUMMY'S HAND in thje 1940's. Bob Steele was another very popular western star in the 1930's. Tom Conway (George Sanders real life brother) played the Falcon after Sanders left the series. These actors were at the end of their careers and mostly did the film for a paycheck. Brett Halsey had been in RETURN OF THE FLY and his career never really went anywhere. While I wouldn't classify ATOMIC SUBMARINE as a very good or classic film, it is about a
  19. When it was made as part of a TV anthology series and then "packaged" as a movie back in the 1960's when TV stations often had "Creature Double Features". One such "movie" was called DEEP FREEZE and starred Allison Hayes (the 50 foot WOMAN herself as an alien from outer space), Charles Bronson (in one of his early TV roles) and Gerald Mohr (who played the Lone Wolf detective in a few movies). The plot concerns a group of US scientists working on setting up a weather station in Antartica who are visited by a sexy female alien named Thela, sho seduces them and kills them off one by one.
  20. Actually Tom Baker was the 4th Dr. Who. Patrick Troughton was the 2nd Dr. and Jon Pertwee was the third Who. Peter Cushing played Dr. Who in two so-so movies back in the 1960's.
  21. Still wondering how Quacker Factory on QVC got onto the horror movie forum ...??? Then again, whoever thought TCM would ever show BLOOD FEAST or 2000 MANIACS? (not complaining mind you...first saw these two films at the drive-in back in the 1970's! Can GRUESOME TWOSOME or WIZARD OF GORE be far behind?)
  22. Well, AIP was an exploitation company and movies seldom follow the stories or novels they are adapted from. Maybe one day we'll get a film that is more faithful to Lovecraft's originals but until then these films will have to do.
  23. Finally! TCM showed this short early this morning (at around 5:15 AM after 2000 Maniacs to be exact on 1 Reel Wonders). Sort of a late Halloween treat! (Funny thing: they showed it exactly one year after my last post requesting they broadcast it!)
  24. I don't think anyone has done the "best" version of Dracula yet. However the BBC version with Louis Jourdan was the closest adaptation so far to Stoker's novel. There were a few scenes that I think should have been added (like the mother of the baby that Dracula handed over to his three vampire "wives" pleading to the Count to return her baby to her and then being attacked by wolves.) Also I couldn't help but think that Max Von Sydow would have made a better Count Dracula than Jourdan, wearing the mustache that Dracula was described as having in the novel. Also it would have looked better
  25. Susan Nicholson-Hofheinz owns the rights to several American International Pictures films including I WAS A TEENAGE WEREWOLF, I WAS A TEENAGE FRANKENSTEIN, IT CONQUERED THE WORLD, INVASION OF THE SAUCER-MEN and AMAZING COLOSSAL MAN. These films were released on VHS around 1993 before the rights to the AIP library were split up between her and Sam Arkoff, which is why HOW TO MAKE A MONSTER, BLOOD OF DRACULA, EARTH VS THE SPIDER and WAR OF THE COLOSAL BEAST have been released on DVD but not the films Susan owns the rights to. In fact the Arkoff-owned films were remade by Showtime (but were now
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