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  1. #9 looks more like Lee Majors to me (although at first I thought it was Dan Blocker)...but #8 looks nothing like Lee Majors
  2. #17 - is that Chuck Connors? He's not tall enough..but I figured since Johnny Crawford is next to him, perhaps it's Chuck Connors from Rifleman?
  3. I was disappointed with men's figure skating. I think none of those skaters deserved a medal. The kid who won gold fell a few times, but the other skaters fell even more times. And these are supposed to be the best figure skaters?
  4. I never see anyone sneeze, cough, **** or blow their noses in a movie.
  5. Saw East of Eden on TCM last night. It's a great film. James Dean was fascinating in the movie. The few times he left the screen, couldn't wait till he came back on.
  6. Curious what you think of Brando once you see him in On the Waterfront - I think that's one of the best films and easily, one of the greatest performances by a male actor in a film that I've ever seen.
  7. Great list Speedracer! Brando's my favorite actor though.
  8. Love the show COMBAT. I saw on youtube the only interview Vic Morrow ever did. It was from back in the 1960's. Great video. He seemed like a quiet, very nice man. I like the vintage stuff you can see on youtube.
  9. Thanks for these photos. The photo of Vic Morrow is great. He was a very handsome man in his younger days.
  10. Never saw, or heard, an actor/actress pass gas in a film. While driving, the driver is always looking and talking to the passenger for a long time, and never looks at the road, and never bangs into anything The homes are always clean in a movie, never a piece of paper or mail or junk in sight. Does a woman on film ever where white, cotton, brief underpants - also known as "elephant pants"? Do you ever see an actor/actress pick their nose in a movie?
  11. What's wrong with June Allyson? She made great Depends undergarments commercials.
  12. Great post speedracer. The Porsche Dean was driving was like a tin can, coupled with him not wearing a seatbelt and the brunt of the collision was on the driver's side - he didn't have a chance. The passenger was thrown clear of the car, while Dean was trapped in the car and had a broken neck and other severe injuries. I never understood how the other driver was cleared of wrongdoing. Sure, it was an accident, but Dean had right of way and the other driver made a turn in front of him - clearly the other driver was at fault.
  13. I don't think Dean was speeding. I read he was given a speeding ticket shortly before the accident. He also had the right of way and that other driver didn't see the small gray car as it blended into the horizon and he made a left turn in front of Dean's car. I don't think Dean was wearing a seat belt either. Does anyone know? Dean had the right of way - don't think he was at fault - but it was a tragic accident.
  14. Wow, can't believe James Dean would have been 83 years old today. RIP. I thought he was a "one-of-a-kind" type actor. He was great. Of his 3 films, I liked East of Eden the best. He really was Cal Trask. He had it all, acting talent, charisma, good looks, etc.....too bad his life was so short. Would have loved to see what else he would have done.
  15. I took the book out a few weeks ago from the library. The binding was all broken, there was food, snots and other unappetizing stuff in the book, so I wound up returning it after reading only a few pages with latex gloves on. I find it hard to believe there has never been another biography written about Holden except the Golden Boy book for the early '80's. Also, I saw Born Yesterday. I thought Holden looked great with the glasses on. However, the film was terrible. Couldn't get past that annoying voice on July Holliday - like chalk on a blackboard to me. I also found the movie
  16. Has anyone mentioned Jack Elam? That's my choice. Bela Lagosi is also scary.
  17. I think James Dean modeled himself after Brando. Both were good actors. By the way, Jo Van Fleet was great in East of Eden. Sometimes James Dean looked very young for 23 or 24 years old and other times, he looked way older than his age.
  18. I think it should air on New Year's Eve. The tribute was okay. I think they should have put Bonnie Franklin in there too. I know she was primarily in tv, but they could have added her. Jean Stapleton is mostly known for playing Edith Bunker on tv., but I think she also made a few movies too. Also, am I the only person who couldn't stand the song? I couldn't believe how bad it sounded. The person singing sounded like they were using a respirator or oxygen tank.
  19. Bette Davis played her own twin sister in Dead Ringer...great film!
  20. thanks for all your hard work in posting these wonderful photos!
  21. My choices: 1. On the Waterfront 2. 12 Angry Men 3. East of Eden 4. Blackboard Jungle 5. Ten Commandments 6. Streetcar Named Desire 7. Sunset Boulevard 8. Wizard of Oz 9. Great Escape 10. Yankee Doodle Dandy
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