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  1. How is everybody enjoying the SOTM this month? I am LOVING it. I stayed up ALL NIGHT (okay, "most" of the night) on Monday, trying to catch all the GK movies. I ended up taping them because I want to make sure to not miss any of them. Heaven. SHEER heaven. Cannot wait til next Monday. But I have my tapes in the meantime. Jo
  2. Ha ha - that IS funny! The scene that cracks me up is the unsynchronized part when the sound and the actions don't match. And the microphone picking up the rustling sound in Hagen's costume. Don't forget Monday starts GK - SOTM. There's a separate thread started on it with a list of the movies on Monday. There are so many I haven't seen, and I just got a bunch of tapes to tape ALL of them!! Jo
  3. Yesss! Monday's the day. There's another thread started on GK - SOTM, with a list of the movies on Monday. Got my VCR ready! Jo
  4. markus, that is a really interesting story about Broadway Melody being an inside joke. Fascinating! Thanks for sharing!
  5. One thing I read about the Kelly/Reynolds/O'Connor awkwardness was during the rehearsal for Good Mornin', Kelly would yell at Donald, saying things like you're so stupid, you can't do this step, you're stupid. It turns out that Kelly was yelling at Donald because he didn't want to risk losing Debbie by yelling at HER, so he directed his anger at Donald. Supposedly, Donald told Kelly that if he did it again, he would kick him in the *****. ROFLMAO!!!!
  6. Not to change the subject, but I thought I'd open up another can of worms. I've run across opinions that say that Debbie Reynolds was miscast in the part, that she couldn't dance, that she was too young for the Don Lockwood character, etc. I don't know. To me the movie is so near-perfect, it's hard to second guess now and think of someone else in the part. I truly love everybody in it and to make any changes would make it not the film so many people love. BUT...just curious...IF you could go back in time and recast Selden, who would you pick of the leading ladies of the day? I know this has probably been covered elsewhere, but I'm new here and haven't yet read everything lol. For the record, my vote is still with Reynolds. I enjoyed watching every minute of her and kind of liked that she was young, and wasn't super-slick and polished, considering the character and that the film was about a new emerging medium. But I'd love to hear what you all think. :-) Jolie
  7. Thank you KatieKat! I didn't get *everything* I wanted but that's okay. There's always another birthday (I hope!) Plus I was with friends, and friends are the best things you can have! :-) Jolie
  8. Thanks bhf, for the BD shout out. I'm 54 now-- GAAAACK!!!!! How did I get this old? :-) My birthday is the same as Jack Lemmon, another fave, can't believe he's gone... DOC is such a cutie, I agree, but GK is my true love. Together they are very easy on the eyes. !!! SITR is on next Sunday, and then two or three more times in March, I think. ?? I'm going to tape it because I still don't have the DVD, but I WILL get it soon. I'm afraid I would sit all day and watch it and never get anything done, so maybe that's why I'm afraid to have it in the house -- I'm an addict!!!! Jolie
  9. I am SOOO loving these photos! Thanks for posting them. GK is incredibly handsome - I never tire of looking at that face. Whenever somebody is going on and on about some current modern heartthrob I always want to say, hey, he's no Gene Kelly! I love Donald too, but I've never seen a Francis movie. I know -- 50 lashes with a wet haystraw. SITR is on next Sunday - YAAAY! I still don't have the DVD and don't even have it on tape. What is wrong with me. :-) Jolie
  10. I don't own it either! My birthday is tomorrow - should I give myself a present? :-) A mose is a mose A rose is a rose A toes is a toes Jolee
  11. Katiekat, it IS magic! I sang it yesterday and when I went on errands, it was sprinkling ever so slightly, just a few spits of water on the windshield. Guess I didn't sing loud enough. So that begs the question - if we sing Good Morning, does that mean it will be one? :-) Jolie
  12. Thanks for the welcome Brad! So glad to hear Cover Girl will be on in March! I pouted all night at missing it because some stupid equipment went down. And GK is Star of the Month next month!!!!! How exciting is that! I need to stock up on videotapes to tape every one. Can't wait!
  13. Thanks for the welcome, bhf! Masterpiece is the word for SITR. I never tire of watching the dances, or Mr. Kelly's genius on so many levels. And Donald O' Connor is no slouch either! Both totally amazing. Their talent is beyond description and aren't we lucky that they are captured forever on film. I love TCM! I just recently got it on my cable company after years of begging lol. I could watch it all day long. So I'm thrilled to find these boards.
  14. Singin in the Rain. No question! In fact, it's not only my favorite GK musical, it's my favorite musical, AND my favorite movie of all time. I am a huge GK fan and love him in anything. Was SO looking forward to seeing Cover Girl last night, which I have never seen, and still haven't. Sat down to watch it, saw the first 20 minutes, then the cable went out and came back on just in time for Funny Face. Rats!!!!!! I called the cable co and was put on hold for 30 minutes, only for them to tell me 'we're working on it, should be back up in 1-2 hours.' OF ALL TIMES.... grrrrr. Don't know when/if it's going to be shown again, but I may have to hoof it down to Hollywood Video and rent a copy.
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