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  1. I too watched the stills of London after Midnight. I was suprised to find that Lon Chaneny's charactor seems to be the basis of one of the charactors in Disneylands Haunted House. I wonder if Walt sat frighted in a darkened theater watching the actual film and Chaney was forever etched into his mind...did he suffer nightmares, or did it seem comical as it does with just the stills?
  2. Funny, movies have been trying to put women in our place for for about 100. I guess they failed cause I am not sure what our "place" is but I don't think that I would like it.
  3. > > I've only seen two of Lon Chaney's movies (Phantom > of the Opera and Hunchback of Notre Dame). > I was left a little underwhelmed by them. Probably > because I'd seen quite a few German silent films and > the American silent horror movies just don't measure > up. Having now seen Nosferatu, I can see why you where underwhelmed. I have to say though that the Movie with Lon Chaney and Joan Crawford ( sorry I can't remeber the name) is riviting. The silent version of Cat and the Canary is a hoot. Kinda funny horror.
  4. Okay, I read ALL of the posts and there are so many GREAT lines. I laughed out loud so much my hubby joined me at the end. Here are some of my favorites that are unmentioned so far but surely deserve to go on record ************************************************************** Airplane: "Surely you don't mean that" " Yes I do and stop calling me Shirley" " I picked a bad day to stop sniffing glue." ******************************************************************* Stripes When Bill Murrys girlfriend tell him she is leaving and he replies" You can't leave all the plants wil
  5. The New Years Eve scene from Sunset BLVD Has to be my Favorite...but then I think that that is also my Favorite Talkie...
  6. Refering to sjacks comments... I am not black but I too have noticed in many pre code films a more natural interaction between races. I have to say also that pe code also treated women better. Although they were potrayed in a more sexual way it was on their terms. Mae West is a perfect example of this. She was naughty but it was HER decision. They did not make her look dumb as they did many of the 50's& 60's sex comedies with Marilyn Monroe and Jane Masfield. Compare Thelma Todd and Jean Harlow to Monroe and Mansfield and see what I mean. The only time a woman could be naughty
  7. RAIN! What an awesome precode film...So much aobut it makes you think that maybe our generation doesn't have the corner on the perversity market. Joan Crawford as a prostitute seducing a preacher...too good to miss!
  8. My first silent film was Phantom of the Opera. I must of been about 9 or 10 at the time. My school showed it for Haloween. I was not all that impressed. Later I saw " The Wind". I was in college by then and fell in LOVE. I finally understood Gloria Swansens charactor in Sunset Boulavard when she says" we didn't need dialog we had FACES" My husband HATED silents until he saw Pandoras Box. Now he loves them.
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