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  1. Conversely, AMC is > now showing old horror flicks late Friday nights - > but there is no host to give us trivial info, and of > course AMC has those dang commercials. I like Friday After Dark too. I can get over AMC having commercials. But why do they insist on showing Halloween 4 and 5 all the time? Have you noticed that? They replay a lot of movies but seem to have some kind of fetish for Halloween, specifically 4 and 5. It makes me want to throw the remote through the screen. Well, I guess we won't get Rob back but it does sound like the movies will return. Really any host at all would be great. You know what would be really great.....a cult movie channel on digital cable!!!!! But then I'd never leave the house I think I'm not the only one.
  2. Wow, I missed that one. Thanks for the information, but what a disappointment! I really enjoyed Rob. You're right, the show needs a host. Quentin Tarantino hosted a week long marathon of cult movies one time on a different channel. It was great. Older cult movies are fine with me too, but I do prefer the ones from the 70's and early 80's.
  3. Is Rob Zombie no longer the host? I look forward to this show all week and lately Rob has been missing. There is only a short opening sequence of a guy (who is not Rob!) putting up a poster on the wall. I have searched around for information as to what is going on. However, I have only found that other people are asking the same question. Aside from the lack of Rob, have you all noticed an overall "softening" of the films being shown? I still record them, but find myself disappointed. In fact this weekend they did not show Underground at all to my knowledge. I was very impressed when TCM came out with this new idea. Maybe traditionalists felt threatened by it. Remember how AMC did a complete overhaul about five or six years ago? Could we make a petition? Something? Let's get together on this. It's not like we're trying to turn TCM into IFC.
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