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  1. now, more specifically, the main reason i really liked this movie was for the music and cinematography, because i am a self-labeled composer and musician (and less importantly a filmmaker). One song in particular stood out to me, and that was the solo by helen traubel (anna mueller) with jose ferrer (sigmund romberg) playing the piano accompaniment. I tried searching on my own for the name of the song being sung, but I could not find anything about it. If anyone owns the movie or knows the title of the song that i'm speaking of (it comes at the point in the movie where romberg is trying to
  2. AHA! yes, i don't even need to click on the link to know that that's the right one. I remember now exactly, thanks so much! I appreciate it very much, all of you.
  3. hmmm...no, i definitely remember his name being distinctly European sounding, possibly even beginning with an 'f". i just remembered that near the end of the movie, one of the main lady characters (a singer) dies of a sickness. Maybe that will jog some memories. this is terrible to give you these clues in snippets i know, but thanks for your help!
  4. yes it was in color, and i'm positive that the one you mentioned wasn't it. It wasn't a musical in the sense that people just randomly broke into song, but it featured many musicals that took place on stage. I remember he developed a love interest when he went away to some 'resort' in the woods, to write a musical. i can't think of any names of songs either, which drives me crazy, but i remember that the opening scene was an orchestra playing one of his pieces as he conducted. At one point, he tried directing his own play that he wrote, but it failed miserably, so he went back to compos
  5. Over Christmas break I watched a musical with my dad that I actually really enjoyed, but for the life of me i can't remember the name or any names of characters/actors/director. I know the movie was about a pianist/composer who was from a foreign country, living in New York, trying to make it big by doing Broadway. He hated the musicals, and eventually wanted to direct. Anyways, if anyone can help i'd appreciate it, and maybe i can provide more details if needed. thanks in advance!
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