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  1. For those lucky (???) enough to have Comcast, now that TCM is officially announcing the schedules for short films, Comcast is listing the shorts with proper start times, on their cable channel schedule. (Which, further, enables you to set up your cable box in advance to turn itself on and change channels, so you can record them.) I haven't compared closely enough to see whether or not Comcast might actually list shorts that TCM has not gotten around to placing on their website. (I frankly doubt it). But, at least, if I can remember in the mornings to look before heading to work, one can c
  2. Comcast On Demand has another new Charley Chase up -- "Nurse to You!". They appear to be changing the short they offer, once every week or two, starting with Oscar Month. Hopefully, they'll keep doing that (and maybe eventually make available more than 1 short at a time). Comcast, by the way, has been offering tons of (recent) short movies, for the past year. They're to be found in various parts of their "Cutting Edge" section. Currently, the best ones are found under "Cutting Edge/Shortz/Nano" and "Cutting Edge/Shortz/Icebox". The other sections under "Cutting Edge/Shortz", I find, in my
  3. Haven't seen anyone mention it, but, an episode of R.I.P. is scheduled for 3:25 am to 3:30 am tonight. Also, am wondering, since this coming Wednesday night is going to be a marathon of 1940s Dick Tracy movies, and there appears to be plenty of airtime between some of the showings, how about TCM running Dick Tracy related shorts between the movies? Such as the Daffy Duck parody, "Duck Twacy" ? And maybe a newsreel with Chester Gould in it? (I forget if "People on Paper" included him.) Or, if there aren't enough such things, then, maybe jst crime parodi
  4. What is the method/where does one look, to figure out on your own, what the schedule of upcoming short films on TCM is? I ask, because obviously some people on this list have figured it out, and, the most recent post for upcoming threads, only went up thru Midnight last night. Thanks
  5. I've long been frustrated by not knowing what and when, TCM would be showing its short films. I just found this message board a few weeks ago, and, very happy to at last be able to set up recordings (especially with Oscar Month). So, thanks to the people posting the information! And, P.S. -- even when the schedule is right, apparently TCM messes up -- as they've done the past two days. Yesterday was supposed to be "Calico Dragon", but, instead, TCM accidentally ran "It's Got Me Again" a second time. The day before, TCM must have blinked on their policy of showing ni letterbox format,
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