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  1. > > Meanwhile, can we get back to the "famous line" in > this thread? > Meanwhile, can we get back to reading the messages in the first place? I specifically stated in my post that I was not referring to the movie you mention. Though I might be interested to know how a movie from the 30s could quote a movie from 1968.
  2. What movie is the phrase 'blonde on a bum trip' from? I could SWEAR it's from a Busby Berkeley musical, because I wrote it down along with other quotes* from Golddiggers of 1933 and 1935, 42nd St, and Dames, which TCM showed a couple months ago. Also I watched 'I Want to Live' around the same time, but I've watched all these again and can't find it. At any rate, it must be from some movie shown on TCM within the same few days as their Busby Berkeley series. I am not referring to the time Candy Darling says it Andy Warhol's Women in Revolt ('more like, bum on a blonde trip'), nor to
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