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  1. Yes, cmvgor, Neville Brand it is (sorry, myladyeve, although Jack Warden is a very good guess). I was always amused by the fact that Brand's (perhaps) two best known roles, Al Capone and Texas ranger Reese Bennett, were such opposite types. The board is yours.
  2. Okay, here goes. As with many of my contemporaries, I joined the armed forces, but in my case, I joined prior to the outbreak of World War II, intending to make that my career. But the acting bug bit me and, after the war, I used my GI Bill money to study acting and broke into movies playing one of the meanest guys you'll ever see. Interestingly, my two main claims to fame acting-wise are characters you might say are polar opposities of one another, and if I may say so, I played them both equally well. Message was edited by: nightwalker to correct some typos
  3. Sorry about the multiple posts. Server trouble.
  4. Those are some good ones, Kathy. Here are some of my favorites, from the same site: http://cyberhymnal.org/htm/c/t/ctlrisen.htm (a nice one for Easter!) http://cyberhymnal.org/htm/a/c/acanitbe.htm http://cyberhymnal.org/htm/r/o/rockages.htm http://cyberhymnal.org/htm/h/k/hkeepsme.htm http://cyberhymnal.org/htm/h/g/hgmgrace.htm http://cyberhymnal.org/htm/n/m/nmgtthee.htm
  5. That is correct, unclecharlie. Lyle Talbot it is. Talbot's first film role was in 1931, and his last was in an episode of "Newhart" in 1987. He played Ozzie and Harriet Nelson's neighbor Joe Randolph in various episodes throughout that show's run. Talbot was a member of Ed Wood's stock company and has a featured role in PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE, but that picture isn't really the worst film ever made, imo. The thread is yours.
  6. I knew this one, having read with great interest the segment on Terhune in the Medved Brothers' Son of Golden Turkey Awards in the section on "The Most Ridiculous Cowboy Hero In Hollywood History." Here's one: At approximately 300 television and film appearances, I rank right up there with Donald Crisp and John Carradine as among the most prolific of actors, in spite of being called "terminally bland" in one reference source . I started early in the sound era and finished with an appearance on one of the most popular comedy shows of the late 80s, with guest appearances on many of y
  7. Correct! I was beginning to think this one was too obscure. The thread is yours, Molo.
  8. Could the still you saw have been tinted? It sounds like a scene from the 1954 British epic DEVIL GIRL FROM MARS, but that was b/w.
  9. Hi Miles. I knew it (about Norma Zimmer) because I had read her autobiography (called "Norma"). In it, she relates that Bing Crosby was very encouraging to her about her singing and was one reason she pursued it as a career. Okay, here's one that I hope won't be too obscure. In the 60s, I teamed with another American actor for a couple of years on a comedy show that was quite popular in another country. You might be familiar with some of my ex-partner's work as he appeared on such favorites as Bewitched and Chico and the Man. He dated one of the daughters on Petticoat Junction la
  10. You are Norma Zimmer, the television show you were on is "The Lawrence Welk Show" and the Bing Crosby movie you were in is MR. MUSIC, 1950.
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