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  1. > {quote:title=Bronxgirl48 wrote:}{quote} > If the alien attacks and one gets static cling, they'll feel the need for Bounce > > In THE UNKNOWN TERROR it looks like May Wynn actually gets to be a character with a different name from her own, unlike in THE CAINE MUTINY, where she's May Wynn playing May Wynn, as if that's supposed to mean she's so important that she's playing herself. (and of course this is not even her birth name) Or how about Byron Barr (Gig Young) as Gig Young in THE GAY SISTERS!
  2. > {quote:title=Bronxgirl48 wrote:}{quote} > I wonder what MONSTER A GO-GO is like. > > Message was edited by: Bronxgirl48 Well, I have it but I haven't watched it yet. If I can find it, I'll watch it & get back to you on it.
  3. > {quote:title=Bronxgirl48 wrote:}{quote} > Anne Shirley loved the book and the character and changed her name before she did the movie. > > I do so love ANNE OF GREEN GABLES, it's one of my all-time favorite stories and movies. > (I love the Canadian t.v. version with Colleen Dewhurst as Marilla; she's kind of scary actually, lol) > > It's a girl thing. It may be, Bronxie, but I've always liked the books and the movies with Megan Follows, too. Love the scene where Diana Barry accidentally gets drunk on, what was it, sherry cordial?
  4. I thought the picure was okay, nothing special. Considering the drama of the actual battle, I thought the script was something of a letdown. I thought Falk was pretty good but Mitchum just seems to be coasting.
  5. Yeah, so do I. But it was released on VHS a while back. You might be able to find a copy on Amazon or e-Bay.
  6. Hi, RV: Yes, TCM has played THE MAZE and might do so again if you request it. I also remember seeing it on AMC some years ago, before they "went over to the dark side." GORILLA AT LARGE is a 20th Century Fox release and therefore is not a likely candidate for a showing on TCM, but they have played other Fox films lately, so you never know. In the past, this has also been on one of the Cinemax channels as well as AMC. A request for it to TCM wouldn't hurt. I can't speak to the possibility of a showing on Fox Movie Channel. Also, GORILLA AT LARGE has been released on a double-
  7. It could also be THE UNGUARDED MOMENT, from 1956, starring Esther Williams as the teacher, George Nader as the detective and John Saxon as the student.
  8. TCM has played this, the most recent occasion being about 3 or 4 summers ago, so if you request it...
  9. The Unknown Terror actually is a decent little thriller, right up until they actually show the "monster" and you realize "Wow, Duz really does do it!"
  10. ...and how about The Unknown Terror from 1957, in which the monster appears to be played by a box of laundry detergent!
  11. I have them both. I think they're both pretty enjoyable low-budgeters. Space Master X-7 has the added bonus of a cameo appearance by Moe Howard in a straight role as a cab driver!
  12. It might also be Enemy From Space, aka Quatermass 2, a British sci-fi film from 1957, the second in the "Quatermass" series.
  13. Martin, Land of the Giants was a TV show about a group of 7 people on their way from New York to London who crash land on a planet a lot like Earth except for the fact that everyone on it is a giant compared to the Earth people. The show is about the Earth people's adventures among the giants and trying to get home again. If you get a chance to watch it sometime, you might like it! Nightwalker
  14. Yeah, I used to have Dish. Had to give it up when I moved into an apartment...
  15. Thanks for the link. I haven't heard of this channel before. I have Comcast, and they're very slow to add new channels that play anything I'm likely to want to see. It took them forever to add TCM!
  16. No, that's okay. I enjoy those kinds of shows., too.
  17. Yes, I like Dick Van Dyke, too. Not long ago I watched some Petticoat Junction and some McHale's Navy that I taped off TV Land years ago. Very enjoyable.
  18. Yes, Chuckles was a clown. He met his demise while dressed as a peanut during a parade. An elephant tried to shell him.
  19. Do you remember the "Chuckles Bites the Dust" episode? One of the funniest things I've ever seen on TV!
  20. It's just the result of my misspent youth watching far too much TV. LOL.
  21. You're quite welcome. I agree it's a not-bad little picture. No classic, but fun. By the way, if you want to see it again, it has been released on DVD and VHS, so you may find a copy at Amazon or e-Bay.
  22. Lou Grant (Ed Asner) says this to Mary Richards (Mary Tyler Moore) in the first episode of that classic sit-com during her interview for a job at the TV station.
  23. Nope, Susan Dey was on The Partridge Family. Peggy Lipton was on The Mod Squad.
  24. It's CURSE OF THE VOODOO, a British film from 1965, starring Bryant Haliday & Dennis Price. One of the writers was Brian Clemens, of THE AVENGERS fame.
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