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  1. That would be A Gunfight, from 1971.
  2. You're quite welcome. Glad I could help.
  3. Mitchum & Kerr also co-starred in Reunion At Fairborough, a 1985 TV movie about a WWII veteran who returns to England for a reunion and, while there, meets an old flame and rekindles a romance with her. Could this be it?
  4. A similarly-themed film which may interest you is the 1969 TV-Movie WAKE ME WHEN THE WAR IS OVER, starring Ken Berry as a bumbling officer who accidentally falls out of a plane and is taken "captive" by German Baroness Eva Gabor, who takes a fancy to him and, consequently, doesn't tell him that the war has ended. Five years later, he leaves her estate for the first time and determines to do what he can to "defeat" the Germans.
  5. This sounds like one of the versions of BACK STREET. There were three: 1932 starring Irene Dunne 1941 starring Margaret Sullavan 1961 starring Susan Hayward. The 1961 version was in color, so if you're sure about it being in b/w, it was probably one of the earlier versions you saw.
  6. It could be The Last of the Secret Agents? from 1966, starring Marty Allen & Steve Rossi.
  7. Possibly TILL THE END OF TIME (1946) with Guy Madison, Robert Mitchum & Bill Williams.
  8. For the answer to how we would have dealt with the Russians vis-a-vis an alien invasion in the 1950s, check out THE 27TH DAY from 1957.
  9. Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed! Taste the Blood of Dracula! I Drink Your Blood I Eat Your Skin I Bury the Living Message was edited by: nightwalker
  10. Yes, this was released in the USA the year after it was made, in 1975. I have a copy of the VHS tape, retitled THE GRAVEYARD, which I was fortunate enough to pick up when a local video store decided to close and sold off their stock. It's no classic, but it's not bad.
  11. Apparently, each was signed for the film without the knowledge (or approval) of the other, but when they discovered it, they both decided to be professional about it and get it over with as quickly and as painlessly as possible.
  12. Lastly, for me, the most annoying non-comedic dumb cop in the movies has to be Bob Murphy. According to IMDB, he plays the cop who arrests Nora Charles & David Graham (Myrna Loy & James Stewart) right after the murder of Alan Marshall on New Year's Eve in AFTER THE THIN MAN (1936).
  13. For another contender in the most comic dumb cop sweepstakes, check out William Bendix in WHO DONE IT? (1942), in which he plays a cop who's even dumber than Lou Costello!
  14. He wasn't a cop, but Nat played two pretty dumb prizefighters in SWING YOUR LADY (1938) and THE MAD DOCTOR OF MARKET STREET (1942).
  15. As long as people are willing to pay good money to see "revised" or "updated" versions of classic films, there will always be those who are willing to do so. The only way to stop remakes is for people to stop patronizing them. What do you think the odds are of that happening?
  16. The VHS of this movie is still around. Perhaps you might be able to pick up a copy at Amazon or on e-Bay. The movie played within the past few years on Encore as well.
  17. Try googling the phrase "spaghetti westerns". It will list lots of websites you can explore to find further information.
  18. CIRCLE OF TWO (1980) with Tatum O'Neal & Richard Burton.
  19. In Vertigo: The Making of a Hitchcock Classic by Dan Auiler, the author says that during the making of the film, there was some uncertainty as to exactly when to place the "revelation" scene where James Stewart discovers he's been had, and that Hitch was not entirely satisfied with its location in the film, but couldn't quite decide on what might be a better spot for it.
  20. I suspect that, like most newspapers, these companies have someone on staff who does these ratings, consequently, they're really nothing more than a matter of opinion. I, too, do not always agree with how my own cable company's guide rates films. As I said, it's kind of like whoever might review movies for your local newspaper. Some time ago, it was a local joke in my area that if the paper's reviewer liked a movie, it was terrible, and if she dissed a movie, it was probably worth seeing. I recall that when PLACES IN THE HEART came out, this individual didn't much care for Sally Fiel
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