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  1. Wow, Bronxie, where do you find these things? What's next, Woody Allen in the Herbert Marshall part in a remake of TROUBLE IN PARADISE, or as Cary Grant in BRINGING UP BABY (actually, he might could do that) or possibly, CHARADE or THE AWFUL TRUTH? The mind boggles. And yes, that clip was right up there with Joe and Half-Pint.
  2. It wasn't exactly a remake, but in 1975 there was a TVMovie called NICK AND NORA starring Craig Stevens and JoAnn Pflug. I haven't seen it myself, but every review I've read uses phrases like "terrible", "wretched", "dreadful" and "terminally putrid" to describe it (Okay, I made that last one up). In any case, it was not well received.
  3. Man, what a drag! I hate when that happens. I can't help you with TELL-TALE HEART, except to say that this is run pretty regularly on TCM. THE VAMPIRE and THE RETURN OF DRACULA were recently released as a double-feature in MGM's Midnite Movies Series. You should be able to locate it at any decent retailer. DEAD MEN WALK is a PD title & has been released by numerous companies. If you can't find it in a local retailer, oldies.com has the Alpha Video release. Hope this helps.
  4. According to IMDB, it's DIES IRAE (from Gregorian chants).
  5. I can hear them now: "Karloff's on first, Lugosi's on 2nd, Chaney's on 3rd, and I don't care..."
  6. In addition to those, did you ever see him in BEGGARS IN ERMINE from 1934? It's a pretty good little picture that seems like it might have been written for Lon Chaney Sr. Atwill plays a factory owner who is intentionally crippled by a competitor and loses control of his factory. His unique plan for revenge, involving the recruitment of other homeless, destitute and crippled men makes up the bulk of the movie. It's really quite riveting. He's also good in a couple of Charlie Chan pictures he made in 1940, CHARLIE CHAN IN PANAMA and CHARLIE CHAN'S MURDER CRUISE, and I really liked him as
  7. Carradine's career really had its highs and lows. One writer said that his epitaph should be: "He never turned down a part." Thought he was good in MONSTER, the rest of the movie I could take or leave. My feelings about INVISIBLE INVADERS are what yours seem to be about THE UNEARTHLY: I thought it was good, cheesy fun. I liked him in HOUSE OF THE LONG SHADOWS. That movie has been dissed by many folks, but what a cast: not only Carradine, but also Vincent Price, Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee! It's worth watching just for that once-in-a-lifetime screen meeting of those guys.
  8. Agree about CAPTIVE WILD WOMAN. The whole "Paula the Ape Woman" series is perfect curl- up-at-night-with-a-cup-of-tea entertainment. My only regret is that they didn't bring back Acquanetta for the last installment, JUNGLE CAPTIVE Trivia: The animal training scenes were actually footage from a picture called THE BIG CAGE from 1933 with Clyde Beatty. So when you see "Fred Mason" (Milburn Stone) whipping those beasties into line, it's really 10 year old footage (at the time) from another movie. NIGHT MONSTER was always one of my favorite non-series Universal horror classics. When the
  9. Glad to oblige, Bronxie. Atwill suspects that Rathbone has revived his father's creation but has been unable to find him despite searching Rathbone's laboratory. When simple persuasion fails to move Rathbone, Atwill warns him to give up the Monster, because, if he doesn't, "I'll feed you to the villagers the way Romans fed Christians to the lions!" Rathbone's response? "I wouldn't put it past you! In the meantime, will you have a drink? Or would you like to play darts?" thus leading into the scene parodied so hilariously in YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN.
  10. LOL, Bronxie, LOL. Probably my favorite non-horror performance of Carradine's is as Tyrone Power's sailor buddy in SON OF FURY. I also thought his Aaron in THE TEN COMMANDMENTS wasn't bad, although the mind boggles at the gene pool that would have produced Carradine & Charlton Heston in the same generation!
  11. I can see the ads now (to borrow from Nunnally Johnson): "Leave the dishes in the sink, ma! There's a Pendleton & Rossitto picture in town!"
  12. Hi, Bronxie! LOL, and Hollywood misses another great opportunity!
  13. Atwill could be the most charming mad scientist of them all! Great line from MAN-MADE MONSTER: "I? Mad? So were Galileo, Pasteur and all the others who dared to dream!" And who could forget Atwill sewing a victim's mouth shut in the opening scene of MURDERS IN THE ZOO and then replying to the question of whether or not he had heard from the man "He didn't say...anything." Also enjoyable as the mad doctor Von Niemann in THE VAMPIRE BAT (1933) also starring Fay Wray. "Handle him as you did the others, Emil. You are strong!" He made an enthusiastically wicked Professor Moriarty
  14. Much of RAIDERS OF THE LIVING DEAD (1986) takes place at an abandoned chemical plant and was apparently filmed in New Jersey.
  15. BLUEBEARD has been released on DVD by Alpha Video and can be purchased via their website at Oldies.com. I would also add the following to a list of Carradine horror movies, which, while they may not be 1st tier classics, do hold a special place in the hearts of many fans: CAPTIVE WILD WOMAN (1943) THE MUMMY'S GHOST (1944) HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1944) THE INVISIBLE MAN'S REVENGE (1944) HOUSE OF DRACULA (1945) And the following, while grade-B efforts (or even lower) in anyone's book, are still pretty darned enjoyable, even if only for Carradine's presence: REVENGE OF THE ZOMB
  16. Believe this is an episode of 13 Demon Street, a horror anthology show hosted by Lon Chaney Jr. in about 1960-61. The episode is entitled "The Photograph."
  17. I picked up the Creature one, called Time's Black Lagoon, and read it this summer. It was an enjoyable continuation of the concept with some interesting fleshing out of the original Creature's backstory, i.e., what really happened to the entire species of which he was supposedly the last survivor.
  18. Ever seen VOODOO MAN? Nobody says "RAMBOONA NEVER FAILS!" like Lugosi, either.
  19. nightwalker

    The Mad Magician

    Sorry you missed it. I taped it some years ago off AMC before they "went over to the dark side." Have you ever actually seen it? It's a pretty good little chiller made to cash in on Price's success in HOUSE OF WAX the preceding year, but I don't want to give away too much if you haven't seen it, except to say that the ultimate fate of Eva Gabor really unsettled me when I was a kid and saw this!
  20. I picked these up when they were released on DVD by Image a few years back. Although they're "gorier" than older films, they're nowhere near as bad in that department as most movies today. Plus, you gotta love those monsters: a zombie-like cannabalistic creature (calling Bronxgirl!) in BRIDES OF BLOOD, that's actually quite scary until you get a good look at it, more "regular" zombie creatures in MAD DOCTOR OF BLOOD ISLAND, and the monster that loses its head in BEAST OF BLOOD ISLAND. (Aside to Bronxie: most of the time these babies are quite minionesque.) Then there's John Ash
  21. Sorry, but to the best of my knowledge, it is not currently available. And, you're welcome...
  22. Sounds like THE GIRLS OF PLEASURE ISLAND, from 1953, with Leo Genn as the father.
  23. The British have made a series of films based on Bernard Cornwell's novels about a soldier in the army during the Napoleonic era. As the series progresses, he rises from the rank of Lieutenant, falls in love, etc. The films are: SHARPE'S RIFLES (1993) SHARPE'S EAGLES (1993) SHARPE'S COMPANY (1994) SHARPE'S ENEMY (1994) SHARPE'S HONOR (1994) SHARPE'S GOLD (1995) SHARPE'S BATTLE (1995) SHARPE'S SWORD (1995) SHARPE'S REGIMENT (1996) SHARPE'S SIEGE (1996) SHARPE'S MISSION (1996) SHARPE'S REVENGE (1997) SHARPE'S JUSTICE (1997) SHARPE'S WATERLOO (1997) SHARPE'S CHALLENGE (2006
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