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  1. > {quote:title=Bronxgirl48 wrote:}{quote} > What I don't get is how a skeleton on the bottom of the ocean can get infused with toxic waste and become Sydney Greenstreet. > > I mean, we don't associate "skeleton" and Sydney Greenstreet in the same sentence. It's the voo-doo, I tells ya! It's the voo-doo!
  2. This happens when the machine used to make people invisible is misused in the 1940 comedy THE INVISIBLE WOMAN, with John Howard, Virginia Bruce, John Barrymore(!) and Oscar Homolka.
  3. nightwalker

    WWII romance

    YOU CAME ALONG, 1945, with Bob Cummings, Lizabeth Scott and Don DeFore.
  4. > {quote:title=oilcankirk wrote:}{quote} > thanks nightwalker You're welcome. And welcome to the boards.
  5. Hey, Fred, maybe you should add this movie to your list of "most-asked-about films"!
  6. IT HAPPENED ON 5TH AVENUE, 1947, with Don DeFore, Ann Harding & Charlie Ruggles.
  7. Lee Tracy was in THE BEST MAN with Henry Fonda. Henry Fonda is the father of Jane Fonda. Jane Fonda was in STANLEY & IRIS with Robert DeNiro. Robert DeNiro was in CITY BY THE SEA with James Franco. Next: Rosalind Russell and Arnold Schwarzenegger
  8. Except for the antennae, it looks like the mutant from the planet Metaluna in THIS ISLAND EARTH, 1955. See here: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0047577/
  9. There are probably quite a few pictures with this basic plot, but one which dates from 1968 is called THE YOUNG, THE EVIL AND THE SAVAGE, aka SCHOOL GIRL KILLER. It's originally from Italy (where they call the mystery/thriller genre giallo) and stars Michael Rennie.
  10. Norma Shearer was in MARIE ANTOINETTE with Tyrone Power. Tyrone Power was in THE BLACK SWAN with George Sanders. George Sanders was in GOOD TIMES with Cher (and Sonny). Next: Jennifer Beals and Max von Sydow.
  11. Thank you kindly, ma'am, and my compliments on your appearance during the 15th Anniversary celebration. Well done.
  12. Yes, cmvgor, Neville Brand it is (sorry, myladyeve, although Jack Warden is a very good guess). I was always amused by the fact that Brand's (perhaps) two best known roles, Al Capone and Texas ranger Reese Bennett, were such opposite types. The board is yours.
  13. Okay, here goes. As with many of my contemporaries, I joined the armed forces, but in my case, I joined prior to the outbreak of World War II, intending to make that my career. But the acting bug bit me and, after the war, I used my GI Bill money to study acting and broke into movies playing one of the meanest guys you'll ever see. Interestingly, my two main claims to fame acting-wise are characters you might say are polar opposities of one another, and if I may say so, I played them both equally well. Message was edited by: nightwalker to correct some typos
  14. > {quote:title=CineSage_jr wrote:}{quote} > All 241 minutes crammed onto one disc. The quality must be execrable. Surely somebody will eventually do the proper release the serial deserves. Well, that may be so. I couldn't say. But I can say that the quality on the VHS release, consisting of two tapes in SP mode (which I bought in 2000), was quite good, and from what I've read, is probably going to be "the best there is" unless someone plays it on, say, a channel devoted to classic film. If you still have one of those old-fangled VCRs, that might be the way to go. Message wa
  15. > {quote:title=CineSage_jr wrote:}{quote} > > {quote:title=mongo wrote:}{quote} > And speaking of Buster Crabbe, isn't it about time for whoever holds the copyright and film elements to issue the 1930s BUCK ROGERS serial on DVD? I always liked it much better than FLASH GORDON, in that it had a serious anti-tyranny message underneath all the Saturday-mornihb serial derring-do. BUCK ROGERS, 1939, was released on DVD by VCI Home Video back in 2000. As far as I can tell, it isn't a "bootleg" copy but a genuine release. It's available at Amazon and probably other places as well.
  16. Robert Walker (Sr.) is the father of Robert Walker Jr. Robert Walker Jr. guest starred in an episode of the original Star Trek called "Charlie X." Leo Penn directed another episode of the original Star Trek called "The Enemy Within." Leo Penn is the father of Sean Penn. Next: Leonardo DiCaprio and Humphrey Bogart.
  17. Sorry about the multiple posts. Server trouble.
  18. WE WERE STRANGERS, 1949, with John Garfield.
  19. It could be THE COCKEYED MIRACLE, 1946, with Keenan Wynn and Frank Morgan.
  20. WE'RE NOT MARRIED!, 1952, with Ginger Rogers.
  21. Billy Gilbert was in FIVE WEEKS IN A BALLOON with Barbara Eden. Barbara Eden was in DEAD MAN's ISLAND with William Shatner. William Shatner hosts "Shatner's Raw Nerve," on which Jimmy Kimmel has appeared as a guest. Next: Boris Karloff and John Houseman.
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