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    Mae West

    "Peel me a grape, Beulah" "Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?" Can't give you a favorite...they're all good. She was the sassiest, brassiest lady in film. AND she saved Paramont Studios.
  2. You are so dead on about Horror flicks not being about the gore factor. My favorite being "The Haunting" the original not that rip-off with Liam. Very scary. When my children were into the Freddy flicks. I rented The Haunting for them to see what real horror was all about. They got it!! Also, The Changling is a very different and sad movie. I understand that it's being remade. I don't see why, but then I don't see why many films are remade. But that's been going on since movies have been around. Anyway, we can only hope that the New Changling will be as good as the first one.
  3. How unfortunate that we are missing an entire reel of "The Unknown". I agree that Joan was not nearly as vibrant in "The Unknown" as she is in "West Point". I've not seen "Mr WU" - but anything Chaney (SR) is most welcome. At least we have more of "The Unknown" than we have of "London After Midnight". I saw the "Stills" on TCM a few months ago, but that really just makes you want the film all that more...*sigh*
  4. >I believe it was "Birth". Knocked my socks off!! Billy Bitzer-now there was a cinematographer. Must reply to person who didn't care for the "Unknown"... Did you see the expressions on Chaney's face??? Do you not get that the emotion is played through the face rather than the words?
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