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  1. I can't believe i forgot this one....... the red dress scene from Jezebel
  2. In my first post I said it could be either music or a musical moment from a Non- Musical movie, sooo.... Tara's Theme would count, since it is music froma non- musical movie
  3. You almost got the quote right, it went..... "there's a name for you ladies, but it isn't used in high society.... outside of a kennel!" best line of the movie by far!!
  4. It's a Wonderful Life <3 Mr. Smith goes to Washington or Mr.Deeds goes to Town ??
  5. > Wow, you have THAT right! If Stanwyck's "Stella > Dallas" doesn't have you bawling in buckets, NOTHING > will! True, the only other movies that had me crying like that was (I'm not sure if this is only me) were Dark Victory and A Star is Born.
  6. I'm almost positive your talking about Stella Dallas (1937) starring Barbara Stanwyck. I agree this was an amazing movie, but what a tearjerker!!
  7. Sorry I just realized that the link I gave to the movie was the 1937 version Message was edited by: judy_fan
  8. Oh maybe I described it wrong, well the whole time she's around the stairs there is music, there's two flights of stairs, a little one then a landing then another set. She walks up the first one (music playing), says goodbye to her dogs on the landing, and then they show her at the top of the next flight of stairs walking into her room. So they don't actually show her walking up the second flight. So I'm confused, does this mean she won? I'm really sorry if I explained it wrong before!!
  9. So I re-watched the stairs scene in Dark Victory, and as she went up the stairs music was playing (very softly though). So I guess Steiner won, but that's not what I expected
  10. I have Marked Woman, I was just listing the Bette movies I had seen before making the thread. And Bette was great in Marked Woman, she played such a strong character who was even brave enough to go against the mob! Bette was also great because she wasn't worried about being glamorous, she just really wanted to look and be the part. For instance in Marked Woman she went to the doctor so the bandages on her face would look more convincing and real. And when she played Queen Elizabeth she had some of her hair shaved off so she could acheive more of a balding look.
  11. Thanks, haha I've gotten that answer about four times (because when I was trying to post it wouldn't go through so I kept trying, then all my attempts were up). It shows the people are very helpful
  12. I started the Bette vs. Joan thread after watching Bette in All About Eve, Jezebel, Of Human Bondage, Now, Voyager, and Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. Seeing all those made me want to see other Bette Davis movies...which lead to my question And I taped Dark Victory because I knew I was going to like it, and I will go back and see who won... P.S How about The Little Foxes, have you seen that? I heard she was good in it...
  13. Thanks, I can't wait to see it, I guess the answer was pretty obvious, I feel kind of dumb now. She fully deserved to be known as the "Queen of the Movies" I saw Dark Victory today for the first time, and Bette was amazing in it! And I think the Bette vs. Joan thread that you were talking about was the one I started
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