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  1. What's that sound I hear?" Oh - it's you guys sucking the fun out of any intelligent discussion about classic movies. Now I remember why I don't get involved with message boards and chat rooms. Silly me - here I thought I would find discussions rather than battles.
  2. I stand corrected. You are right - Chaney's parents were hearing impaired. Thanks for setting me straight.
  3. Ohhhh are you sure? Didn't Laughton play the Hunchback in silent? Lon Chaney was the Wolfman? yes?
  4. Perhaps you are in need of a slice of Humble Pie. I am a newbie to this forum and I assumed it would be one which I would enjoy. I am a 47 year old parent of 2 wonderful young adults who LOVE "old" movies. My kids (who are 25 and 19) probably know more about Hitchcock than most. They can quote lines from movies that send their college instructors into tailspins. However, I will acquiese (sp), perhaps you ARE the Guru of Movie Knowledge. If so, please allow me, a lowly newcomer, to bask in your shining glory. Thankyoueversomuch.
  5. My latest disappointment was "A Prairie Home Companion" Otherwise I agree - Citizen Kane put me to sleep like a halcion. rrrgh
  6. > Okay, let's try this line: > > > "I was lucky to find it on such short notice. I > mean, it's not perfect. The building's been > burglarized a couple of times and the woman down the > hall has mice, but, you know, the lobby's decent. > Key word is -- it's cheap." > > > Who said that, and in what movie? > 7 year itch? > Dan N. > > http://www.silentfilmguide.com
  7. How about this... "you take the blonde I'll take the one in the turban.....grooowwwfff" Just trying to add a little levity!
  8. Laughton was incredible. As I'm sure you all know, his parents were deaf and that's how he came to express himself so eloquently without sound.
  9. I'm sorry buddy. I know he's an AMerican Icon - my dad is probably rolling in his grave. It's the first time I've had the hutzpah to say it in public.
  10. I tend to agree that musicals are more powerful on stage rather than on film - however there are some exceptions. My personal all time hands down favorite - Fiddler on the Roof. Translated into more languages than ANY other modern play/musical. And one which almost anyone can identify on almost any level. As many times as I have seen it (countless) I still cry when Reb Tevye denies Havve. I'm not fond of the cheesy musicals popular in the early 50s. I prefer ones with a somewhat more realistic storyline. Though none of us really go through life belting out songs in the middle o
  11. Oh. And John Wayne. Hopefully ya'll won't hang me in effigy now - he was a fine actor, but for some reason I just cannot stand the guy. Maybe because my dad loved him? Though in Mr Wayne's defense he was pretty funny on that I Love Lucy episode.
  12. Nicholas Cage. Argh. The same face, the same demeanor, the same same same. With the possible exception of "Raising Arizona" which was funny perhaps despite his best efforts, everything else I have seen him in he just sucked. Another for me (and I know I'm going to catch flack for this) Tom Cruise. Sorry folks, not a great actor, just a pretty face. Again, same face, same demeanor, different clothes.....every...single....boring...time.
  13. I'm a newbie on this board so please forgive me if I am being redundant. I am curious as to the requirements for a film to be named "classic". I see a lot of newer movies (90's and even in 2000's) on some "classic" film channels, yet how can they really be called classics? Isn't that sort of like calling Julia Roberts a "legend"? They haven't really earned it have they? As for me, I think, at a minimum a film should be 30 years old before it can even be considered a classic. After all, a group has to have been recorded at least 25 years ago to be in the rock and roll hall of fame, and
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