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  1. Favorite actors: Robert DeNiro Johnny Depp Charlton Heston Denzel Washington Anthony Hopkins Favorite actresses: Katherine Hepburn Meryl Streep Laura Linney Helen Mirren Nicole Kidman
  2. In no particular order: The Longest Day Saving Private Ryan Pork Chop Hill Tora, Tora, Tora Das Boot The Enemy Below Full Metal Jacket Apocalypse Now Where Eagles Dare Battle Of The Bulge
  3. Standout 80's sci-fi films for me: The Thing(1982) Escape From New York(1981) Aliens(1986) Lifeforce(1985) Dune(1984) The Empire Strikes Back(1980) Return Of The Jedi(1983) 2010(1984) Robocop(1987) Predator(1987)
  4. packmule

    The Wicker Man

    The first time I watched The Wicker Man(1973) it was something of a struggle, as the slow pace took a little bit of adjusting too, at least for me. The ending took me by surprise, I think because I didn't really understand what was going during Sgt Howie's investigation. I watched it again a week later and enjoyed it much more. Britt Ekland also certainly made an impression. I liked Edward Woodward's performance as the no-nonsense policeman vs the islanders.
  5. What a great decade for sci-fi. Here are my standouts from the 1950's: 1. The Day The Earth Stood Still(1951) 2. War Of The Worlds(1953) 3. Forbidden Planet(1956) 4. The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms(1953) 5. The Blob(1958) 6. Godzilla King Of The Monsters(1956) 7. Invasion of The Body Snatchers(1956) 8. The Incredible Shrinking Man(1957) 9. Rodan(1956) 10.Tarantula(1955)
  6. Favorite movies starring Peter Cushing: 1. The Abominable Snowman(1957) 2. The Curse Of Frankenstein(1957) 3. Horror Of Dracula(1958)
  7. I am a great fan of these films. My favorite: The Pit And The Pendulum(1961). A close second would be Masque Of The Red Death(1964). As to why I like them, it's primarily because of the acting of Vincent Price, my favorite actor in the "horror" movie genre. I just like the way he brings the various characters he portrays to life in these films.
  8. The Haunting(1963) Honorable mention: Poltergeist(1982)
  9. Some sci-fi films from the 70's that stand out for me: The Andromeda Strain(1971) Soylent Green(1973) Close Encounters Of The Third Kind(1977) Alien(1979) Rollerball(1975) Star Wars(1977) The Land That Time Forgot(1975) Clockwork Orange(1971) Logan's Run(1976)
  10. I would like to see Mothra(1962) air again. I have seen it scheduled only once, some years ago. I would also like to see TCM air Crack In The World(1965). Message was edited by: packmule
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