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  1. How about that, "THE DUKE" will be 100 years old on May 26, 2007, WoW! Does TCM have any special plans to feature his some 142 leading rolls during the month of May? I certainly think they are worth showing. Of course I have my favorites, like just about all of them, but then what do I know, lol? I do hope you guys are going to do something special for this late megastar. He was one of a kind and they don't make 'em like that any more.
  2. I remember watching a movie called The Crowded Sky when I was a youngster, it was about a plane that had a problem and the tail eventually fell off. I can't find it on DVD in the TCM Catalogue and my best friend and I would so love to see it again as we once watched it on our local station's Late Show, we are also longing to see Three Coins In The Fountain with Clifton Webb and Dorothy Maguire, any ideas?
  3. I love both Jeanne Crain and June Allyson and would love to see more of their movies on TCM, I see that The Glenn Miller Story is on this week but I would love to see State Fair with Jeanne and Dana Andrews again, I just love it and plan on purchasing the DVDs of both those faves very soon. An Apartment for Peggy is also a favorite of mine.
  4. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE most musicals. I first saw The Glenn Miller Story when I was a kid and I saw it in a theatre and cried even back then when Mrs. Miller (June Allyson) got the news that his plane was missing. I absolutely adore the movie and own the DVD and Video. My husband and I watched TCM all day yesterday from the first great musical right up until the last, he even gave up his usual shows of political pundits for them and we loved every minute...I wish this was done more often, musicals, war movies (good ones), westerns, etc. use the good classics not necessarily Oscar winners because they cannot all win awards. Besides, there are some marvelous ones that have never won an award. BUT!!! I have noticed of late that TCM has been cutting some of their movies and I'm unhappy about that. Oh it didn't happen too much with the musicals but it did a little. However it has been happening more and more and if I want to see that I'll wait for the other channels....hmpf! Anyway TCM Kuddos to the Musicals let's see more of the classics like your name says.
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