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  1. I like Bowling for Columbine! Edited by: mickeeteeze on Nov 27, 2013 7:45 PM
  2. I gave up all my vinyl when I was younger. Moves to smaller places, beat up records, replaced with cassette for car use, etc. Of course, now I wish I hadn't. A good friend of mine still has all of his, his basement is almost like a warehouse. Amazing how much stuff is gone....no CD available. Of course, Jack, you are right about the artwork. I will say this; I find some 'special edition CD's', particularly boxed sets, to have nice liner material and info. I'm at a stage in life, however, where they are not 'do-able' without very bright lights and reading glasses. :-) Remember "The White
  3. "I remember listening to The Beatles "Revolver" when it came to CD. This was an album I loved and knew well. I was still surprised at some of the small things I had missed because they were so buried in the mix on an album that I could now hear on the CD. With this new toy I can listen to both." I've long since given away all my vinyl and switched to CD, only to find out what you now know. That "analog" has that 'wide bottom', and "digital" has that real clean 'top end'. I am an audio nut, and I can't fully enjoy CD without a subwoofer to artificially "bring the bottom". The thing about t
  4. "Bravo! Why not put him on "ignore"? I did." Nah, I can't do that. Mr. Holman is entitled to his opinion, no matter how much I disagree with his 'methods'. I'll probably just make another attempt to 'leave it alone'.
  5. You're welcome OP. Bottom line is it must be entertaining for me as well, else I wouldn't be doing it, right? On an entirely different note, saw "Asphalt Jungle" for the first time today. Wow. Whatta movie. I can't believe I actually let that one sift through the cracks all of these years. Fantastic film. Peace.
  6. "Thanks, mickee, I still blame you, lol. Peace" Haha. LOL. :-). Man, believe it or not, I try like heck to avoid these threads too. It's why I started that "Left, Right, Left" thing a while back. Kind of like "trenching" a brush fire, figured I'd contain it. Looks like you and OP are entertained anyway, and thats a good thing. I just have a tough time listening to "talking points" either way, especially when they drag God into it, and try to justify bad behavior on a supreme being. Makes me sick to my stomach. Blood boil, like you say. I love the insinuation that if you are not a hard
  7. BTW, Jake. I'm like this. Far left economics=bad. Far right economics=bad. You far righties have privatized the military, and it wouldn't be long before you privatized police forces. Out of the question? Absolutely not, it logically follows. In fact, a government legal system as a whole is a left-wing tenet actually, isn't it? Just like I can admit Unions are a psuedo communist entity, and I'm a proud member. There is no such thing as a good far-right, not even the ones that believe in God. I can give you 19 examples of that without blinking.
  8. "There you go again with Liberal hyperbole... Conservatives are not for the above..." Thats exactly what you're for. Far right economics brought us to just that 100 years ago. You run around this board baiting people with your political slime since the day you came here. I wouldn't even be surprised if your one of those 'paid posters from AOL. "Socialism=Oppression." You been screaming it from a mountaintop like some kind of "Rushbot" since you came here. Do you know why there is so much govt regulation of business? Because your greedy heroes have proved time and time again that t
  9. "This thread should have been named "Left, Right, Left - Part II" I prefer "Son Of Left Right Left". Adds a.........human touch! B-)
  10. "Life is not fair..." Well, there you have it. Compassionate conservatism. We need to bring back sweatshops, child labor, high infant mortality, and can SS, too. People can't produce? TOO BAD. Life gets better Generation to Generation? OVERRATED! Hopefully this Administration will invade Iran before election day. Because it's getting scary going out for coffee with the Iranian threat looming over our heads. I'm just saying. Thank God for the neo-conservative movement. :-) What's that to do with communist scripts in Hollywood? I dunno. I'm having fun. Message was edited by: mi
  11. Sorry to disappoint. I don't do religion. Whats more is, I'm really not too crazy about the 'right-left' thing either. I'm a centrist. I think all these far ______ are nuts. Right or left. I really do.
  12. "ccbaxter reserves the right to schedule changes without advance notice." As does any purveyor of an 'ism'. Why are you admitting stuff? Fascist, you. :-)
  13. "I am more inclined to suspect fowl play. I have never been the same about old ladies...ever since seeing "Arsenic And Old Lace". LOL!" :-) Hey, IluvRAY ! (rhyme) Most women that devious don't have 8 years of patience, never mind 50! Believe me, I know! Ah, the battle of the sexes.
  14. "( Hang the cholesterol. But,if we only did things that were good for us, maybe we wouldn't live forever. It would just feel like it...)" ;-) Agreed! Which reminds me of a riddle...... In those "forever after" 50 year marriages, why is it the husband usually dies first? Because he wants to ! Who was FRD? That great American....FRD FIRESTONE. PS. I like FDR. Message was edited by: mickeeteeze
  15. ....and I am laughing ..... So am I. How about Angie and Paul sitting on a paper moon, Paulie warbling "When I'm 84" while strumming a yuke?"
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