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  1. I just looked in the schedules and the bastards aren't even repeating the essentials tomorrow like they usually do Darn heck and damn.
  2. Is There a podcast or download on TVCM or The internet of the Carrie Fischer and Robert Osborn section on the essentials to nite or last week. I missed them and would dearly love to see it, Being a Die hard Carrie Fischer Fan. Thanks
  3. I suppose that I am a purist. I enjoyed programming about 3 years ago when I would regularly tune in to see Bette Davis, Humphrey Bogart or Joan Crawford.[/i I suppose that I am a purist. I enjoyed programming about 3 years ago when I would regularly tune in to see Bette Davis, Humphrey Bogart or Joan Crawford. I completely agree withy you the programming as changed; I noticed it as well, still some here call me misguided in holding such a view, and yet I still hold that view: there as been quite a shift over those years. And its for the worse.
  4. The disaster movies were made popular by a airplane disaster movie with dean martin in it. I think it may have been called: Airport; and it to influenced the creation of the comedy: Airplane
  5. Airplane! the comedy; and the new type of comedy invented was a spin off of Airplane 1 and 2 a series movies valled Naked gun and spy hard and there were others .
  6. Yeah you can see why writers turned it into a Hilarious comedy and invented a whole genre based on one of Mr. Waynes poorest movies.
  7. The character was most prob from a welsh mining g town and that’s what you most prob saw a mining town, and mining towns seem the same to me the world over. or should i say portrayed the same, the world over. Rough depressed Blue collar areas.
  8. Hi Dobbsy; Yeah the Damn Busters was the bouncy bomb movie, I didnt See montys double I did see I can'rt remeber it though Think OI may have seen it only once. I hope its been quite on the weaternfront while I have been gone.
  9. Yeah it is Noel coward and excellent of showing what English man were like back then the cultural accuracy and non romanticism of home life is excellent, However war is still quite romanticized in that ,movie. As far as the structure of that that movoe is concerned, I find the telling of the story in flash back a tad jarring and irritating; and sadly it might be down to the editor and director because i like flash backs normally. Message was edited by: Mr_Dash
  10. I liked it, I liked even more as a Kid: real Boys Own Hero stuff for a Brit. However since coming across the Blue Max I prefer that as a film about flyers and such. That is one Brilliant Movie. A Brit film a like over Battle for Britain was the Damn Busters. Which was about bomber command rather than fighter command.
  11. Its very pretty; she is quite beautiful. Message was edited by: Mr_Dash sorry classicfilmbuff, i had put in a whole Bunch of Text that showed of been else wherwe It now removed Message was edited by: Mr_Dash
  12. What a wonderful Murder mystery that would make may be a board member should write a script with that premise.
  13. OMG! did she, - But any way you did what so few have been able to shut her down and get the last word Hail Fred C Dobbs! Hail Fred C Dobbs! Hail Fred C Dobbs! the master -lol Message was edited by: Mr_Dash doidnt last long Message was edited by: Mr_Dash
  14. "FredCDobbs I'll bet you are a real Hot Tamale." Well done Dobbsy
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