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Everything posted by malkat

  1. I finally saw it through the wonder that is Netflix.
  2. The Sun Also Rises Evolution or creationism?
  3. Susan and God Water or flavored water?
  4. Anthony Hopkins Left-wing or right-wing?
  5. Now what's going on? I got some of my posts BACK!
  6. James Bond Duck Soup or A Night At The Opera?
  7. MissGoddess, have you checked your PMs yet?
  8. Lassie Snowman or snowball fights?
  9. Love the one for The Great Dictator. One of the all-time classics
  10. For anyone who's interested-how do you think Ince died?
  11. My feelings regarding Chitty Chitty Bang Bang are mixed. I just don't know . . .
  12. malkat

    Snow White

    The Fox and the Hound is another underrated one. It's entertaining and also teaches a good lesson about how prejudice can destroy friendships.
  13. malkat

    MST3K Shorts

    Two of the most bizarre and shameful shorts I have ever seen: Mr. B Natural-I can't explain it. Just find it on YouTube, you'll see for yourself Catching Trouble-It degrades everyone who watches it. Again, see it on YouTube.
  14. Glad I was able to give you "hope of a sort"!
  15. I know this post has to do with trivia, but shouldn't it be in General Issues?
  16. malkat

    Into The Woods

    Amen to that, Anne.
  17. I remember that one. "Oh, there goes the Hitler building!"-Tom Servo
  18. malkat

    Into The Woods

    Well, I rather like Wilder.
  19. Here's some movies I would've liked to have seen on MST3K: Cleopatra (you know which version I'm talking about) Mac And Me Glen Or Glenda Plan 9 From Outer Space Queen Of Outer Space
  20. malkat

    Into The Woods

    I have to admit though, I'm a little leery when it comes to approaching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I loved the Gene Wilder version, and to be honest I'm not at all sure about this one.
  21. There's hardly any directer like him nowadays.
  22. This has to qualify Renais as one of the greatest directors of all time, able to squeeze so much emotion in so little time. I was crying by the end.
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