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  1. per previous private and public advisories to user. Please be aware that pleading ignorance of private message warnings is no excuse. Michael/TCMWebAdmin
  2. I boycotted last night the whole Conrad Veidt film festival cause it was half backed. Casual fans and popular fans missed a lot when leonard maltin and the staff put a limited to the kind of conrad Veidt films thay would show Edited by: mikemcgee on Aug 24, 2011 8:33 PM
  3. Something does'nt make sense.Summer under the stars playing a lot of Jean Gabin french pictures.But avoiding Conrad Viedt german talkies, just becuase they arn't. This is typical corporate thinking,Being too careful, I am going to avoid the conrad viedt film festival cuase it's half baked. But this is typical of the pseudo liberals and Neo cons who control Time Warner Edited by: mikemcgee on Aug 19, 2011 1:50 AM Edited by: mikemcgee on Aug 19, 2011 1:54 AM
  4. As much as I have complained about Robert Osborne he has better experience about the movies inspite that he does what he's told.That's his job.He might make the same complaints or almost that i have or some what outside his work. Ben manchawitz is more casual about film history .He know a littel less. I don't know if he's learning. But in spite of Robert osborne being a corporate film journalist, If he has to retire I hope That get some one with more experience. Even though they be Corporate too. I just can't stand ben Manachawits .I don't topologies for it
  5. I just recently Watched the film that this channel did not consider to put as part of the Conrad Viedt film festival. "The man who Laughs,". In this case I hope the reason for not considering this to be part of the festival wasn't what I fear, I'm a afraid that could of been one of the reasons,The character Gwynplaine has a pet German shepard . Do you know what his name is? ****. Yes ****! so what? It may be short for homosaphiene the wolf.But I got a suspicious, that one of the reason why they did not consider to including this as part of the film festival. If I'm right , t.c.m. is going down hill and giving in more to their neo communist concept , political correctness, to appease the phoney liberal side of the upper middle class , This is where that crazy concept is promoted . The sneaky conservative side of the upper middle class that time Warner serves. Tcm is even using political correctness any confrontation about this thanks to thier c.e.o, bosses They are letting this Frank Buickman type cult ruin film history. You need to write them a letter about this. It's hypocritcal.If you are as serious as me. You should buy rent or watch this excellent classic and even consider his German talkies that are available thru movies unlimited and Reichs kino which include more of his Weimar classics silent, if you can put up with German subtitles and guess, his excellent digital classics from germany with subtitles at german war films ,com, very cheap too Since they sell the restored print bar bone box cover to save money, the first rate print is in it ,Be practice say no to political correct censorship against classics,So what his name is ****, there is nothing gay implies
  6. I recently read an article it was Corporate censorship and the media. Well to make a long story short, I now know why t.c.m. is picky about classics and are too precautious about Classics of the Third Reich, before and after, and The Stalin regime , as well as other dictatorship of the past, in spite of everybody well educated about history, First this channel does not serve the populace. They serve a target. It's a majority of lazy complacent, casual fans of classic films, that leaves everthing to authorty. If they make a petition it's a remembered classic that was introduced to them years earlier. Never an unknown classic. They don't know it exist.They are fans of what is introduced to them with some one who they feel has more power. This cable channel is also a part of a big corporation, Warner brothers. T.C.M. and Warner video takes their orders from the C.e.o. Their targets, like most big conglomertats, it is not the populace, like they are supose to serve. It's the upper middle class and wealthy sides of the casual fans , not you or I regardless of being serious or casual, but that target, due to C.E.O.. So when it come to films made under the Nazi dictatorship or other dictatorships , even before and after. They don't mind possibly offending that target with our own prejudices of the past but mainly c.e.o'.s get scared of offending that target, they serve ,on foreign prejudices and murders of the past.I am dissappointed that these c.e.o. are one sided.They just want a quick buck and rating only due ot their greed.So they tell t.c.m to limit their film classics. The c.e.o.'s got paranoid about Conrad Veidt's German talkies because they were to close to The Nazi legacy, Rubble and Heimat is too soon in their eye's . They treat this Genre like the what they would treat rap music. This is wrong. They really aren't serving the public at all. Just themselves.The classic ,they guess, will appeal to upper middle class and wealthy. This is thre truth. Hollywood has been this way since Fort lee New Jersey. The outlets ,that sell unpopular classics. don''t be surprised that one day they will advertise as being," Banned By Hollywood."Turning history important classics into exploitation films and 33 to 45 and before and after are what they are now. One more thing . These big corps are ignorant about film history too. All they know is a big buck
  7. Turner classic movies may not be totally politically correct , they are moderately against classic films .This is their down fall.They are no different than Wall mart. They have Conquered and divided not only the casual majority against the serious minority of classic film but they havve conquered and divided Conrad Veidt German language classic films against his english speaking classics just Because of Nazi Legacy. This is down right stupid what they did.No body would get offended at Congress Dance or Me and the empress etcetera, And much as i want to see the British version of Jude **** ,to compare it with the 40 version and the hands of orlock, they aren't being fair and balanced to poor conrad . They are being like disney. They are being A- h-. Me and other serieous fans of film history , will boycott this aspect of Summer under the stars as a protest against political correctness. What they did was wrong. It almost wants to make me rebel and buy one of Conrad German talkies, at competitive outlets.But that's the wrong reason to buy it. TC.M. still doesn't explore film history enough and due to blatant intolerance against the past, refuse to explore alternate classics. Part of real liberalism is to tolerate the murder of the past cause it already happen. Why get offend at it?Your wasting your energy. It's over sixty years ago grow up .
  8. It might be the C.E.O.'s that are behind this. Big corporations are fearful of wallstreet rating going down, law suites , screaming meamy groups with agendas. Now this could be easily ignored . But your dealing with greed . A bunch of asian consumer got offended by that anti Hiriheto bugs bunny cartoon on their laser disk Instead of Warner ignoring them and giving there money back, They appease them and take their cartoon off the laser disk. Warner brother's sold off their rap music company when a bunch of people complained. They are no different than Wallmart or Chrysler. They are too precautious.So is Disney, After studying as a t cm, They are worried ,or may be The C.E.O., about offending the audience with a classic film made under a murderous dictatorship. The fear that the audience would be thinking about the legacy and not the movie and stop watching it. So unless a German or Russian film classic has social redeeming value to throw possible offence off , they will self ban the movie from being played. If the film maker or the actress escaped from Germany under the Nazis and made it big as a director and or actor, They feel showing their films made in germany won't risk the offence to show their German film classics, But if they ended up as secondary leads or character actors or fair filmmakers or they had some scandal that messed up thier career for a while, then they won't risk the offence. This is greedy paranoia. A lot of t.c.m consumers are going to miss some non propaganda talking classics of Conrad Viedt on Festival.' I am mad at t.c.m. They have greedy fear. It's uncalled for and it's hypercritical. Since they show our own propaganda classic films against black americans of the past.It isn't fair most of you casual fans will be missing some good films,Thanks to C.EO. greed
  9. I was surprised when i read that article about The Conrad Viedt version of Jude **** that mentioning the 1940 version that it was very objective, they were saying the same things that were said about the 40 version in the booklet that was a part of the D.V,D distributed by I.H.F.. But then it started to say that watching the British version can make you uncomfortable cause of the second version. Well, not neccessarily so. If your a serious classic film fan and own the copy of the 40 version, you understand that what happend in the past was wrong but you except it in peace. So watching the first version your going to feel more comfortable cause there isn't no message in it. But even the first version isn't accurate either
  10. Later in August This station will be playing on the Summer under the stars series, The conrad Veidt film festival, The Never before seen Veidts will you be seeing is two British films , One a non propaganda version of Jude Suds . What you Won't be seeing is , Congress Dances 1931, Me and the Empress, 1933 costarring ,Madi Christian , his last film in Germany, Rasputen Demon with Women 1932, The man who committed Murder 1931. Why? Why is This station avoiding Conrad's films that he did in Germany? T. C. M. are politically correct hypocrites. They will show our films that reflect our prejudices but promotes self censorship against exploring any more film of the third reich or after the war in Rubble and Hiemat films and barley ever introducing any before the dictatorship happen. Like Disney they are greedy, They want to make sure that they don't show films that will offend political correctionist. To ensure their greedy rating will continue. In this case his talkies were before Hitler or in the begining. So what's they're problem? Well having to spend money from transit for a cable license and for sub titles, Fear of not getting their money back quickly. The fear you will get mad at Conrad for acting with people who would stay in Germany under Hitler. They can't tolerate getting thier dollar back in the long run, They are being political correct hypocrites for their economical greed. They they will show Gone with the wing , That too goes against political correct communism. I'm really disappointed in them that they are this greedy. They don't care about film history only greedy rating s with some of it . Holly wood has never believed in the first amendment. It can't get them rich overnight, Remember they appeased the right wing in the past . Now screaming little groups call political correctness .
  11. Was the Joan Crawford version better than the Ingrid Bergman version? That's like saying that the 28 reissue of the now lost four devils was better than the F.W. Marnau silent 27 version. The first version the ending is dark. The reissue of 28 had a happy zappy ending. Well the first version of a women's face had a dark ending. The second one was one of those roles that M.G.M put on Joan as her star was dwindling at that studio. She slowly was getting less good roles.This remake had a happy light ending. The truth ? out side of corporate view. Take your pick both are good. Ingrid Bergman's performance were good.So was Joan's.
  12. I've seen Yankee doodle Dandy so many times that all of a sudden I've found the american propaganda message of the time. In the first place by 1939 every american new the evils of Hitler and Mousillini and by 42 every one new about the evils of Hiriheto. I don't know why film makers think that they can persuade the audience to agree with them when they are just watching films for entertianment and not their to be educated. Conservatives and shifites are pro censroship. They believe that you and I don't know what's best for us and any thing we read and view can change our behavior against our will.The fear to the worst.unless you schitzophrenic , You know your rights and wrongs.The American propaganda films of world war two were actually truthful.They didn't lie . They told facts The enemy was lying to their people. But since many Americans new the facts our propaganda wasn't effective cause they knew any way . Americans, already knew.Well the fact that the the real Cohan had divorced, The fantasy version was only married once. The propaganda message behind this was to support the war effort for the american family. Of so many years I seen this film i did not see this message. Until this past fourth.
  13. Portraying an arabian by a non arab actor is not an act of prejudice.Portraying them as a bad or subjective characters is not an act of hate or promoting hate.Arabians like every one else is subjective in fantasy and fiction. In the world of fantasy reality don't have to count . Accuracy does not count. Only in non fiction and documentary only. Fiction and fantasy is not documentary.You have a bunch of small group of ethnics , out of the rest, who became communist, political correctness is communism, is part of the communist manifesto, thinking this would stop prejudice, They never bothered to check what Stalin did to his people. Censoring criticizms and dessentions were a part of the dictatorship. It's still being done in Cuba An China. We humans are subjective in fantasie wether we like it or not. The artist has the right to make us negaitve or positive. Censoring the bad guys and subjectivity does not stop hate in the real world.It doesn't encourage the more opportunity for the ethnic actor or filmmaker , It only shuts hate and subjectivity up. The bad and the unpleasant are a part of are . The stereo type is apart of art, We are all stereo type in films. so that the characters can be noticeable supporting getting offended is not tolerance, Censorship in the name of tolerance is not a right. It stifle the film makers creativity. It homogonizes the art. fiction and fantasy are not documantary.T.C.M. and Hollywood are doing a disservice to the first amendment of the film maker by promoting something that was a part of Stalinsm. Race and film should be about promoting divercity in films without promoting censorship in the name of tolerance. Buit T. C. M. are Wall streeters and Political correctness makes the greedy dollar. Honesty doesn't
  14. I respects the equal rights of diversed actors and actress as well a and filmakers to have the same oppurtunitys as much as the mainstream , Their rights to subject and critisize and dissents in their fantasies. But also respect the majoritie's right to do the same thing. This what are fore fathers intended with the first amendment to be. The right to express dissent or critisize without fear of being censored. This does not mean that the other person will agree with it . They are entitled to equally critisize back the dissent. Free speech is a round circle 50 /50. Political correctness is wrong. It does not stop hate. It denies hate existing out side the majority. In Stalins Russia ,Russain citizens would be sent to Siberia for Critisizing government or citizens . This happens still today in communist china and Cuba. I oppose political correcntess and the rest of communism in the united states. It's legal but Unehtical.Carl Marx is opposite of George Washington. Promoting Divercity in film what the special suppose to be about. It's not. It's about politics not art. It critisizes film makers expressing subjectivity dissent and critisize of diverse citizens, while its okay for them , The diverse, to to do this to every one else. This isn't equaliy in art. Even a classic film distributer should be able to distribute a classic film that reflects dictator ship of the past without fear of censorship. Regardless of race ,color ,creed code, gender and sexual orientation, we have the god given right to be offended as well as offend back. Telling an filmakers they can't do this or that stifles their art . This is wrong. All art should be free from censorship. Unitl they change the message I'm not going to watch it. This is with in the context of movie talk. Don't censor me Edited by: mikemcgee on Jun 30, 2011 5:45 PM
  15. Due to the semi political correctness of this channel,M.R. Osborne ,after the film on June 14,11 did not mention some information that he should of mention out of not offending the sissies in the audience. This was a remake of the radio play. The radio play was written by Hans Rothe before Hitler in Germany. He fled Germany. Then Goebbels took the original play and messed it up for propaganda. He wanted the German movie going audience to prepare for war . He wanted them to get use to death.Thanks to the change by Thea Von Harbau , Frtiz Lang's ex wife, Stolen Tracks, The whole plot was given away in the beginning. Might as well go home you know the plot. It became anti climatic.It also had some sexy teasing to confuse the audience. It also had Charlie Chaplins balloon globe. Dead give away. The parade scenes were too simular to a Nazi congress march. Every body was waving too much at the floats. More dead give away. It took place in 1867.This version was directed by the creator of the anti Semitic version of Jud ****. Yes Viedt Harlan and his wife, Christine Soderbaum played the role. Then in 1947 it was made into a novel by Anthony Thorne. This second version is a bit better cause it doesn't reveal the plot until the end. This proves how lack of training that Goebbels had as film producer. At least he thought he was one.
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